Worlds MS Excellence Interview

Okay so this is my second year going to MS Worlds but last year we didn’t have an excellence interview. This year we will, and so I was wondering if anyone had any suggestions as to what the best things to bring up in an excellence interview are?

I don’t want to talk much about the robot because that is the focus of the design interview, but I need enough to fill our allotted interview time. If anyone had any ideas that would be great! I want to make the interview the best I can :smiley:

-Joanna 323G

Any design documentation, evidence and pictures of community outreach, and charts you have or can make to show judges all of the qualities of your team are good things to bring to an Excellence interview. Explain how everything you’ve done this year has helped you learn and grow and improve your team. Also remember that robot quality and performance are factors for Excellence; be sure to do as well as you can in BOTH skills challenges and score well in your matches. Tell the judges what makes your robot a high-quality one.

For Design Award you might want to put a greater emphasis on your engineering notebook and other documentation. The award is more about your design process than the specific design of your robot. Simply use your robot as evidence of how well your design process is working, and explain the reasoning and process that you used to design and build it. Also, Design (and Excellence) judges LOVE math, quantitative tests, and charts/graphs.

I hope this helps. Good luck!

Thank you so much!:slight_smile: