Worlds Qualifications By Competing In Other Regions

Does anybody know if you can participate in another region (that is not your respective region), qualify for the region’s tournament, and then qualify through worlds from that state’s tournament?

Please read the Qualifying Criteria document, as you were told to do in your other thread. It answers most of the questions you can have about qualifying for things. I’m not going to quote the relevant portion here because I want you go and actually read it this time.

Edit: Here is a link:


The short answer is NO, you cannot. If you are a Virginia team, you can NOT qualify for or compete in the state/region championship other than your own.

This is true unless you qualify at a signature event

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Just a clarification. Yes, you can qualify for Worlds at a Signature event. But the OP’s question was whether a team from out side of a particular state/region can qualify for that state/region championship.
For example, I can send one of my Wisconsin teams to a Minnesota qualifying event. However, I can not earn an invite to either the Minnesota State Championship nor the Wisconsin State Championship from that event, However, any skills score I post does count toward any possible invitations that I might receive.