Worlds Scrimmages and Private Practice Fields - Worlds 2022

I’m creating this thread as a general location to discuss worlds scrimmages and private practice fields in the omni hotel next to the Kay Bailey Hutchison Convention Center (worlds venue). As we all know transporting the robot puts it through many stresses and we’d all like to test our bots, programs, and get some driving practice in.

So here is a call to anyone that may have rented a conference room or found a place to setup a full field, to, if you are willing share, let us know. Maybe a scrimmage could be setup tonight or a schedule system could be created for teams to get like a half hour with the field.

Private fields are mainly for use when the venue is closed such as at night and in the morning when teams might want to fix an auton or try to get a couple more points in skills.

  • Team 15442C

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