Worlds Skills Qualification Based on World Skills List

Does anybody know how the qualifications to Worlds based on the World’s Skills Rankings works? I read that they fill the spots to World’s using this, but does anybody have any more details regarding this (like since most of the top skills teams qualify through their respective state/national/regional tournaments, how does this work out?)?

This is all described in the Qualifying Criteria doc. You can find it in the Documents tab on any Qualifying event.

Essentially, at State/Regional/National Championship, if there is a team who qualifies to advance to Worlds multiple times at that event, the spot is award to the next highest ranked team on the Global Skills list that has not earned a spot from that region.


To be clear, although it used to be the case, the world skills ranking is no longer used to directly qualify for worlds. The only way in which your skills score could qualify you for worlds is through winning robot skills at some regional championships, or through a double qualification as lacsap mentioned.


Oh. I thought the document said that the Worlds spots would be filled.