Worlds so far

What do you guys thinks of worlds so far? What teams do you think are performing the best?Just curious about your opinions.

It looks like teams aren’t doing so good, with all the random alliances, plus I’ve seen some great teams all over having some complications, hopefully things will get better tomorrow.

I think complications are to be expected…even from the best of the best. The best teams are pushing 5…6…7…skyrise sections in 15 seconds. I can’t even fathom doing that. I have greatly enjoyed watching those teams that can pull it off.

Seeing all of those legendary robots has made this a great learning experience for me.

Meeting people from all over the world and meeting people dressed in all kinds of clothes is really fun too :).

Yeah, it’s sad. Many teams’ autonomous routines are not working, so it doesn’t take much to win the bonus in most matches. :frowning:

All the matches we have been in there has been a minimum of four skyrise sections scored in autonomous…I’d say that’s pretty impressive. (and its the primary reason we have lost two of our matches).

Oh, the matches we’ve seen were not so good. Maybe 8 points by skyrise robot; often none. :frowning: A couple with 16 points, so that’s good.

Congratulations to Aura on breaking 100 points in skills.

As my first time, I am liking it. I am learning a lot, meeting a lot of new people, and I am learning more about the forums and online community. My team, 4828-D, is also not doing that bad. We are currently 6-2 (ranked 13th) in division Technology. We’re hoping that maybe we can get into the division championship and maybe make something happen.

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