Worlds Staff

This generally applies to IQ and VRC, but I’m curious about the worlds staff since the location is moving. Which staff will stay the same? I know some roles are filled with local volunteers and parents, and I know some staff work with vex. Logan Davis comes to mind here (I fricken love that guy) because he’s been at worlds so many times. Does anyone have an idea of which roles will be filled by the same people, and which are voluntary?


‘Key volunteer’ positions (it actually says that on their nametags) are not open for public signup, and people in those positions are curated by RECF. These positions include Head Refs, Emcees, Field Techs, Division Managers, people in charge of judging, and other high-level roles. Division managers, field techs, and higher-level people are pretty much all RECF or VEX staff, while Head Refs and Emcees are usually long-time, qualified volunteers or EPs. AFAIK, these folks all get their travel and lodging paid for so I imagine most of them will still be at Worlds when it moves to Dallas.

Other roles (non-head refs, TM operators, judges, practice field monitors, queuers, inspectors, and almost every other role you can think of) are pretty much open for anyone to sign up.

Lots of volunteers end up volunteering at worlds because they have some affiliation with a team that’s competing there. Presumably, such volunteers will continue to help out in Dallas as long as their teams qualify.

Of the volunteers who travel to worlds of their own accord, some are within reasonable driving distance of Lousiville but not Dallas. Probably some of these people will not make the move to Dallas, but Dallas also opens the door to lots of potential volunteers who can’t make it to Louisville, so overall I don’t think there will be a volunteer shortage at Worlds 2021.

(FWIW I am in the latter group; I can drive to Louisville in ~3 hours but Dallas is ~17 hours away by car. I am a bit bummed that I will have to fly to worlds after this season but it’s not going to stop me from going and helping out.)


Yeah, KV at Worlds here. No clue who will stay the same. Many of the KVs have been there for years. For some, Dallas is a lot easier to get to than to Louisville.

Dallas is also a lot larger of a city, and much of the RECF and VEX Robotics team resides in the Dallas area (As Greenville is a rural area right outside).