Writing to sd card (frequently) while bot is running

I am using PROS and would like to implement a log system for motor, batter, controller, etc. info. For example I would like to be able to see the affect that launching a disc has on the motors for the flywheel, how long they take to spin back up, etc. I am just concerned that writing to a file might be a long process that affects the other functions of the bot. I saw some other threads about the brain filesystem but I think that means the brains internal flash not the external sd card.

Is it safe (for the rest of the program) to run a file write every time opcon loops? I plan on having a function that logs all of the telemetry once per loop of opcontrol (I have not looked into tasks at all yet and that might be the best option but I would like to explore what I know first).

I also am curious how exactly the bot could handle this. I imagine that opening/closing the file each time would take massive amounts of time whereas leaving the file open and only appending on each loop would likely be much faster.

I don’t have 1 specific question but am looking for any information on this. It isn’t a necessary part of my bot but I am very interested in the stats of the bot as it runs and would really like to see the numbers.