X-drive, H-drive, or Tank drive Poll

Hi. I have been hearing lots of people discussing which base they will be using, so I made a poll.

  • X-Drive
  • H-Drive
  • Tank Drive

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x drive op !!!


Forgot swerve drive
20 char


no. 20 characterssss

Actually think asterisk drive is a really good design. If I ever do a 6 motor drive that’s what I’m gonna do

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I made this topic a while ago that shows drive types and speeds of teams(alsi includes things like wheel size)


What about mecanum drive


Is an H-drive and a tank drive not one in the same? I thought a tank drive was any drive in which the four wheels point in the forward direction. I.E, A-Drive, U-Drive, H-Drive.

An H-drive has a fifth wheel perpendicular to the other four that can allow the robot to strafe sideways.

More info can be found on the BLRS wiki


Ooh. Gotcha. I was under the impression that the letter representing the drive was simply the shape of the support bars going across it.

Generally, the letter representing the drive reflects the orientations of the wheels, because many different bracing and support techniques can be used on very similar drives. Ditto drives with real names such as astrix and trill drive. By the way, is an A-drive similar to a trill? I have seen the name once or twice, but never anything to connect it with. Here’s a link to a trill drive in case you are unaware of the term I’m using. I know it’s used around my school a bit, but not sure of outside popularity. I promise it’s not a rickroll.

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No, at our school we have always named the shape of the drive frame after the letter, which would explain all of the confusion I’ve had. To us, an A drive is a tank drive that is open on the front, a crossbar directly in the middle, and a crossbar directly in the back.

And the U drive looks like an n


If cross-bracing determines a drive’s name, what letter would this one be?

Side note: you should never build a chassis with only 1 cross brace in the back


Hamburger drive?


Jail drive


Mecanum drive gang. (We have driving like normal, left stick forward reverse, right stick pivot, but left stick side to side is strafe).

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I would call this (If made of Steel) 40-pound drivetrain.

A-mongus drive
<20c AGAIN>

Idk lol square drive maybe?? Just for my ego sake, I’ve never made a drive with one crossbar in the back lol. That would be horrible.