X-Drive spacing help

I’m having some trouble with my X-Drive spacing:
As you can see where the black square at the bottom of the image is the holes line up perfectly with the c-channel below them but near the top of the picture where the red square is the holes don’t line up.
How can I adjust the spacing in the top part of the X-Drive to make the 5 hole wide c-channel fit without ruining the spacing for the c-channel in the bottom black box?

It do be like that, the sqrt2 throws the spacing off. I think the best way to fix it is to make all tracks equidistant, making your 2 wide part the same width as the wheel part

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You can’t. At least not perfectly. For this to somewhat work, the distance between the holes on either side of the wheel has to approximate the distance of the hypotenuse of a right isosceles triangle. The smallest distance this works to plus or minus 0.1" is 5 holes between the side channels and 7.07 holes between the wheel channels.

TL;DR: You can’t :upside_down_face:


So there is absolutely no way to do it?

I guess you can slightly offset the c channels to make things align, there isn’t a perfect solution with irrational numbers. Try playing around with the gussets / c channel placement until you find a size where the screw holes will align

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You can also drill out some of the holes to make it work when it isn’t perfect.

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for my x drive, i simply skipped the inner c channel between the two wheels.

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What do you mean by



This c channel, the one between the two wheels

I posted a thread: Simpler X-Drive Design, which would help with your spacing issue (though it’s slightly different X-Drive design).

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But what do you mean by skipped?

Thanks I’ll have a look

Actually, I meant that I did this @Cotton:
This is one of my cads this year that I’m still working on.

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