Xdrive Code help

need help on v5 (PYTHON) X drive code I have
front right ax2 + ax 1+ax4
back right ax 2 - ax 1+ax4
front left ax 2 + ax 1 + ax4
front right ax 2 - ax 1 + ax4)
but its not running how I want it to have ax 2 to drive the bot forward and back ax 1 to strafe left and right and ax 4 to turn, This is not my full code I just need help with the axis and the +,- and what motors to reverse
also do I have to reverse some of my mothers in the devices tab.

I have this code that I use. It should work well. I have given it to a lot of other people with no complaints.

  //Drivetrain Control
    Rfront.setVelocity((Controller1.Axis2.position() - Controller1.Axis1.position() - Controller1.Axis4.position()), percent);
    Lfront.setVelocity((Controller1.Axis2.position() + Controller1.Axis1.position() + Controller1.Axis4.position()), percent);
    Rback.setVelocity((Controller1.Axis2.position() + Controller1.Axis1.position() - Controller1.Axis4.position()), percent);
    Lback.setVelocity((Controller1.Axis2.position() - Controller1.Axis1.position() + Controller1.Axis4.position()), percent);

Good luck with that, but please try to remember to search for topics that might help you before you post on the forum. I happen to know that this particular question has been asked several times, and I have posted this code several times just this year.

Sorry about that. I did not realize that you wanted it in Python. I do not know Python very well, but I am proud to say that I have successfully converted it, with no mistakes (I think). Here it is.

     Rfront.set_velocity((controller_1.axis2.position() - controller_1.axis1.position() - controller_1.axis4.position()), PERCENT);
    Lfront.set_velocity((controller_1.axis2.position() + controller_1.axis1.position() + controller_1.axis4.position()), PERCENT);
    Rback.set_velocity((controller_1.axis2.position() + controller_1.axis1.position() - controller_1.axis4.position()), PERCENT);
    Lback.set_velocity((controller_1.axis2.position() - controller_1.axis1.position() + controller_1.axis4.position()), PERCENT);