ZIP TIES LEGAL? HELP!!! I'm at competition

Are structural Zip ties allowed? Can someone point it out to me in the rules? All i found was this: which suggests that zip ties are legal as structure.

Yes. I don’t have the exact rule, but vex sells zip ties. If yours are identical to those, you can use them for whatever you want.

Yes, that rule means that you cannot have zip ties or other stuff that INTENTIONALLY detach.
That is all.

Thanks a bunch guys. How would I go about convince the reff to allow me to use them?

I’d go off <R5>, which states:

Zip ties are available from and by virtue of <R6>, are considered official robot components.

However, nothing’s better than getting an official ruling from Karthik in the “Official Starstruck Q&A” channel here on the forums. Per <G16>, official rulings from the Game Design Committee are as holy as the game manual itself and referees have to abide by them in addition to the game manual.

Thanks a bunch!