10C Engineering Notebooks Reveal + Tips

Hello! @HelenaZ and I just finished our last season of VEX and we want to share some of the things we learned regarding engineering notebooks with the community. Feel free to respond to this post if you have any questions!

Thank you to everyone who made our 6 years of VEX amazing :)))


Wonderful contribution to the community! I love how reflective you are and shown growth every season!


Watch the whole thing and will watch it again with the club when school starts again!

Best tip is Tip #1 - if the notebook is useful to the team, it is authentic and will do well in the judging process.

Best wishes in your future endeavors! Thanks for sharing this video with the community!


I really liked how your team showed your notebook progress throughout the years and how you improved and what you learned from it. I also liked how the team showed suggestions, tips, and mistakes along the way for other teams to keep in mind.

This was really nicely done! Did you choose specific colors for the notebook based on what the content was about or was it completely by choice? For example, teal highlights for tips, yellow for important lessons, etc. Or was the color scheme random? Either way it looks awesome!

Also table of contents, the team mentioned that specifics for meetings are a good thing. For specifics, does this mean like summarizing what the team did that meeting?

Also I love the very end of the video! :grin:

Sorry for the very long post!

The highlighter colors are based on the steps of our design process in rainbow order (first step is red, second step is orange, etc.) to better show our use of the design process over the course of the season. We also like to write our quantitative data in a different color so they’re easier to find on the page. We highlighted all the miscellaneous “important info” like lessons, tips, etc. in yellow mainly because yellow highlighters were the most easily accessible to us when we used a physical notebook lol. But with digital documentation color coding might be easier.

If you’re referring specifically to the table of contents, what we meant was that your meeting title should be descriptive enough that you can look at the table of contents and easily find what you’re looking for. So something like “Finishing Right Side of Intake” is better than “Build Meeting 12”


Okay, thanks for the ideas and answers! I appreciate it!