19in vex iq legal drive shafts?

I need some extra long axels for my current design, but when looking at vex.com, I couldn’t find any.

Can I find there somewhere?

I believe 12" is the longest so you would need to couple more than one.

Oof, that’s really annoying

In the current rules, you would need to buy them from vex.com or else they would not be legal. My team has about 8 feet of shaft stock that we can’t use, only because we didn’t buy it from vex.

Not quite true:

R7 requires that you use parts from the VEX IQ product line, not that you buy them exclusively from vexrobotics.com. IQ parts are also available from official VEX resellers, secondhand purchases, Amazon, etc. What matters was whether it was made by VEX, not where you bought it from.

(not that that would help OP, VEX IQ shafts don’t come in lengths longer than 12")


I mean VRC has shaft couplers, but I don’t know if they are legal in IQ.

If not you could make a makeshift one.:disappointed:

These should do the trick.


My b, thought this was a VRC discussion where everything used to be legal lol. Also, vex iq shafts can only be cut to the lengths that vex supplies anyway, no custom ones. You cannot, however, buy parts from amazon, as it is not an official vex reseller. The official resellers are listed on this page: How To Order - VEX Robotics

This changed a couple years ago, now IQ teams can cut metal shafts to any length:

Sure you can – there are lots of competition-legal IQ parts available on Amazon, mostly in various hexbug kits. It’s probably not the first place I would go to look for IQ parts, but you definitely can buy them there.


Have a look at “capturing shafts” here: https://kb.vex.com/hc/en-us/articles/360035955151-Selecting-Capturing-and-Supporting-VEX-IQ-Shafts and maybe see if you could replace some of that 19" stretch with structural elements that rotate with shafts at either end. That could reduce the twist due to applied load, too.


wowwww, what other rules have changed since i did vexiq? I mentor a vexiq team every year, with me reading the rulebook and everything, and yet this still somehow got passed me.

Another significant rule change is that middle school and elementary school students are defined by birthdate rather than grade level.


weird place to bring it up but has anyone else noticed the universal joint pieces seem to be of a weaker plastic, like 3d printed stuff. we have a lot of broken ones

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Yea, my team has noticed tons of the ones we buy are just snapping almost immediately.


My team as well, is experiencing the same with the universal joint pieces, its some kind of weak plastic.


Out of curiosity, what are you using the universal joint pieces for? I don’t have any, so I’ve never used them. Are they useful?

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I think i was using them for axle extension however they tend to break a lot

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Oh I see. I never thought to do that (since I’ve never had them), but I see how that could be very useful. The only way I’ve found to extend a shaft (legally) is to put two gears together with pins, but then that takes up a lot of space and is big and awkward to work with. I hope you get it to work.

This may help, here’s how VRC HS shafts are generally coupled, since there is no legal coupler:
It’s pretty simple, just 2 shaft collars sandwiching a metal 12 tooth gear.