2016-2017 New Parts

One thread I haven’t seen is one on the new parts being released for the 2016-2017 season. Any speculation or hopes on what Vex is planning on releasing?

High strength axle motors would be cool.

I have three hopes:

–An internal+external gear that could be used to make planetary gearboxes.
–2.75" mecanum wheels because the current ones are too big, heavy, and expensive.
–I haven’t thought this one through, but some kind of transmission kit. Maybe double bevel gears instead of the one sided ones we have now, for better shifting.

New Smarter Motors

This thread covers what I’d like to see from wheels.
New motors and electronics, including a redesigned Cortex and Joystick, are due soon. I don’t think they’ll be released this year though.

I didnt see a time for new parts release presentation. In the past they had done it during lunch on the friday of worlds, but i didnt see it on the schedule.

Differential in a box would be nice.

Here’s my list:
1-A VEX HD Camera and wouldn’t be discontinued.
2-VEX light strip for decoration that hooks up to the cortex (5 ft long)
3-They should allow pre-orders of parts before the parts get released for next season (Pay and get right when it comes out).
4-Bring back the sensor-ed motors.
5-Have a speed encoder to measure rpm instead of length.
6-Make a plate holder to hold the plates.
7-Have a VEX 3D Printer.
8-Camera screen that screws onto the remotes (For the HD Camera).
9-Make a motor bigger than the 393’s (Basically only allow 4 of these motors on your robot)
So yeah, that’s my list :slight_smile:

I don’t think many people would buy a plate holder, as most teams have already found ways to mount them efficiently.
3D printers are very expensive to produce (especially good ones) so I Highly doubt that will ever happen.

I like the light strip idea!

Also a means of replacing the competition cable connection on the primary joystick so when kids walk away it does not render this expensive part not worth using in competition (or just a rule change to allow this part to be fixed)

  1. There is not enough of use for that to make it viable.
  2. 5 feet is too long
  3. I agree
  4. I don’t think there were ever motors with pre-integrated sensors… Just in IQ…
  5. Encoders measure rotation, what you do with that raw output is your chosing. You can use code to determine speed through the encoders.

That already exists.

Most of these parts in the advanced motion kit aren’t very strong, maybe they could make a metal bevel gear

That would be great! Along with high strength axle lock bars.
I would like to see an entirely new motor housing that has a large hole so we could switch between high strength axle gears (internal gearing) and regular axle gears. (The final gear that you insert the shaft into would come with two different insert sizes) Also motors should sit almost flush with the metal, and use regular (8-32) screws.
I would also like to see stronger worm gears.

I wouldn’t mind 18" axles (HS and normal). It’s probably really unlikely because you don’t need them often, but sometimes it’s such a pain to have to connect 2 axles together when there is no room to do so.

Ya this would have been super helpful for the rubber band intakes this year.

You used an axle for an intake? I thought I was crazy for using a bent 12" for my secondary roller. You could use standoffs or even C-Channels and the intake would work better than with an axle. Less torsion and greater strength (We pick up my robot by the intake sometimes).

I was using smaller sprockets so they didn’t have holes in them to insert screws. I am no longer using that sized intake and you are absolutely right about the standoffs/c-channel instead of an axle.

You can do this already. You need a 1/2" long normal shaft, a metal high-strength gear insert, and a long high-strength shaft spacer. Shove the insert into the spacer. Then put the 1/2" shaft into the insert. Voila, you have a high-strength shaft adapter that fits right into the motor.

The ARM9 Microcontroller that they used to make for VEXPro.