2018-2019 Game: VEX Turning Point

Thoughts on the 2018-2019 game, Turning Point?

This is completely different from anything we’ve seen in VRC before, and even FTC/FRC.

It does remind me of FTC games, with the high level of complexity and the color-detection that FTC always seems to have. I’m a bit disappointed that Vex has decided to go away from the trend of simpler, “high ceiling” games for VRC.

it is original, it seems like it may be a bit chaotic though

Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaay too many things to control… I feel sad for v5 users who have 8 motors now…

anybody know where the manual will pop up first?

I’d love a link to the manual.


Manual is up.

Summary of scoring:
Each Low Flag Toggled - 1 point
Each High Flag Toggled - 2 points
Each Cap Low Scored - 1 point
Each Cap High Scored - 2 points
Robot that is Alliance Parked - 3 points
Robot that is Center Parked - 6 points
Autonomous Bonus - 4 points


Very complicated but very interesting topic.

This is such a low scoring game the auton bonus will actually make a difference.

not a water game feelsbadman

is there a link to a page where all of the documents will be listed? (VexU doc specifically)

EDIT: nvm found the page https://www.vexrobotics.com/vexedr/competition/vrc-current-game

<G18> Replays are allowed, but rare. Replays are at the discretion of the Event Partner and Head
Referee, and will only be issued in the most extreme circumstances.

Under <T01> is
a. The referees will not review any photo or video Match recordings

I’m not sure anything is actually different about this compared to prior years.

If you try to get on the center platform, expect for it to go from 0 to Battlebots real fast…

Reffing in this game might actually be more of a nightmare than In The Zone. The expansion zone is going to be rough for many teams please be aware of it going into the year.

One thing that I find odd is that balls that exit the field are not returned. Those flags are right at the edge of the field and teams are going to miss A LOT. I’m imaging teams that just shoot all the balls out of the field on purpose so the opponents can’t even change the flags. What do you all think?

EDIT: I can’t read and didn’t notice that there’s a giant net there. In the video I thought that the net was just the black curtain that makes up the filming “room”.

well, we do have the new v5 camera so teams can use vision tracking to more accurately score

I think this is pretty cool! The balls don’t seem to do enough tho, or should be able to score them somehow. I’ve already purchased the game pieces online, and am looking forward to my first hs robotics game! =]

I was wondering can some one post a 3d model of the cap and ball?

I doubt anyone has that yet

Can we use the caps to turn flags?