2018-2019 Game: VEX Turning Point

No, it says only balls.

When it says the high flags can only be turned with balls, does it mean you can hold a ball in an intake and use it to touch the flags?

Nope, that’s illegal. SG7.
Screen Shot 2018-04-28 at 4.47.43 PM.png

No. You can only expand in certain parts of the field.

Ah, okay.

Maximum points (if I calculated correctly) is 35 (plus 10 in auto), and Parking for a single team is 9 points. It sounds to me like a lot of matching are going to come down to that parking at the end.

I like it in that I suspect the won’t be as much design convergence as this year.

Only 4 in auto

Hey guys. I did some math, and I think I have the maximum possible score for an alliance. Is my math correct/have I overlooked anything in the rulebook?

All flags converted to red=15 pts (6 2pt high flags and 3 1pt low flags)
All converted caps scored=14 pts (6 2pt high scores and 2 1pt low scores [only 6 poles])
Parking=9 pts (1 bot parks on red pad and 1 bot parks on central pad)
Auton bonus=4 pts


I got the same when I counted quickly a moment ago.

What i dont like is the fact that you can only use 8 v5 motors and you cant expand in certain places.

You’re right, my bad.

Hmm… All steel robots for the parking win! :wink:

If you are going to use 1 of your 4 preloads during the game how would you do that?

I’d presume you mean use as in launch it at a flag. You’d move in during auton/driver control, and launch. If you have to elevate out of the 18x18x18 requirements, you have to go the expansion zone (the white tape U) and launch from there.

Also, I could be mistaken here, but I don’t think that there are match loads in this game. Only the initial preload (1 per robot). I didn’t catch any mention of it in the reveal video or the actual game manual.

Never mind you were right AyushR66 , I thought it said 4 per alliance.

Any reason 2 small bots can’t both be center parked?

Looks like you could, so that bumps up a maximum score to 45.

really do you think that you could park 2 decent robots on the center pad