2019-2020 Vex game


Does Anybody have any idea on what it will be about as, My team who didn’t qualify for state sadly, Would like to get ready and start designing next years stuff, So we are ahead of the game. Can you please share actualy specific detail other than the standard stuff we know that they aren’t changing.


2019/2020 game
2019/2020 game

Unfortunately the game design for the next season is only revealed at Worlds at end April



I’ve heard it’ll be a water game



Usually, the format is the same. Same match times. Same pieces (auto, driver), and the robot has always been the same size.

My guess would be that, after this year’s V5 disaster, they’ll want to go back to showing off their vision sensor. No idea what that might look like, but I wouldn’t expect another shooting game already. Or if it is, it’ll be less target centric and more cycling speed centric.

Uneven terrain wouldn’t surprise me, because specific zones of the field have been unlevel in past years. I would like to see some climbing or lifting endgame challenge again, but I don’t know for sure.

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No one knows what the game will be. I would recommend that, with the free time on your hands, just start experimenting with stuff. Types of lifts, motorless mechanisms, chassis types, coding stuff, etc. In some sense, your preparing yourself for whatever the next game could be, so you’ll already have the edge that you’d want. In terms of specific stuff about the game, I can’t give you any information because I don’t have any.

(PS: whatever the game is, I hope it’s played with B03.)



New game will be… “Ships in 8 weeks” …Stuff a object in a box and race for it!



Keep building your Turning Point robot to get practice with V5
Build a robot for an older game to get more experience
Try to build a perfect one of each type of lift and drive train.

Then when the next game rolls around you will have a design already made, and maybe even ready. Putting out an early season reveal can get your team a lot of good publicity, especially if you have a really good robot already. Anything for clout.



There are a lot of things you can work on that help you for next season even without knowing the game.

At an extreme, 5225 spend over 2 years developing an absolute position tracking program that they used to achieve a 100% consistent autonomous mode. It was a big part in their wins at worlds.

At less of an extreme, you could experiment with different chassis configurations. (West coast drive, custom mecanums, go to town.) You could even look into programming a base to be easier to drive.

And finally, enjoy your off season. It doesn’t last :stuck_out_tongue:

Good luck!



Okay, After doing some math and algrothim hunting, I have found that the pattern is this 1Ball game:1 arm game, 1 ball game to 6 arm games, 1 ball game to 2 arm games. Essentially the next thing should be an arm game.



obviously it will be a water game. I mean VEX already disappointed us this year.

But jokes aside I think that next years game will be like turning point and have 2 ways to score points



I would like to see longer autonomous period for VRC - 30 seconds? Keep driver at 1:45.



the 2019-2020 vex robotics competition will be played on a 12 foot by 12 foot field, by 2 alliances, one red, and one blue. the object of the game will be to score more points than the opposing alliance.

and that’s all the future is willing to tell me sorry. I try to see more, but all I hear is static.



My guess is irregularly shaped objects that you have to put in a scoring zone.



Im guessing something like skyrise.



I’d like that. I want another lifting game, so I can make a dr4b

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If it is another lifting game, I want there to be more strategy to it than ITZ. I personally thrive in more strategy and less scoring speed based games. That’s why Skyrise was so awesome. (Though before my time)

How much if a troll would it be if next year’s game was to group together two hydrogen molucules and one oxygen molecule, then move each group into a specific compartment? It would still be a water game, but without actual water. (I’d expect FTC or FRC to do this first, because they usually have a strong theme.)



I would really like another lifting game, because I feel like in those games there are more different types of robots. Also I like the simple games like NBN and SS more than TP. Those have 1 common goal, and an endgame. I feel like with TP, vex’s games are becoming more similar to FTC and FRC.



Also I really hope its a water game



The issue with lifting games is that the design convergence is massive, in SS there were only two types of robots. In ITZ pretty much the same situation. NBN was a better game because there were so many ways to be good at it, which is what TP has achieved.



To point out flaws in the water games. All V5 stuff isn’t water proof some of it is. 2nd Vex would need to reconstruct everything which would be way to costly for them.
3rd Not everybody has V5
4th Vex doesn’t like anything to do with water as all the game elements will float along with the robots. There is no way to use vex to propel a robot under water.

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