2019-2020 Vex game


Water game is a meme in the competitive robotics community lol


If you wanted to go all out, you could break down the components of the game, like last year you had “spam points” (cones), “big points” (mobile goals), “bonus points” (stationary goal), and “endgame objective” (parking).
We saw parking go from just an extra 2 points to a massive free for all at the end of the match. I’m hoping for something just as exciting for next year.
Is it me or does anybody else still remember all of the parents/kids in the audience yelling “PARKPARKPARKPARK” when there was 5 seconds left in the match? probably me haha


well, I didn’t like tp at first, it seemed too chaotic, but I actually like it now, the robot diversity leads to really cool designs and innovation. I hope next year’s game has 2 balanced aspects as well.


FTC is usually just very simple. Vex went that way with ITZ, and I didn’t like it. I like Vex for their better game design, but there are parts of FTC like the “big endgames” that I really think make or break your match. But it just wasn’t worth enough points in SS, and the platforms are just too easy to score and fight over. NBN had the cool robot lifting thing, for example.

Like Xenon, I also have changed my mind about TP. I thought it was too complicated and the Expansion Zone was just annoying, but now I really like the lack of design convergence.


I would like a game that has a really cool endgame bonus like in SS or NBN, and for during the match I want something that, similar to TP, won’t have one or two meta bots that dominate.


Build a solid 4-wheel drive base and 4-bar lift. After that is complete double the 4-bar and reverse the second stage of it. double reverse 4-bar (or reverse double 4-bar). When the next competition comes out you will be ready for the intake/manipulator.


I want to get the chance to make a submarine…


i dont care what it is, but please make the field not take 3 hours to build…


Yeah, and you didn’t even have to spend three hours filling little plastic pylons with sand this year! :slight_smile:


@Rick TYler oh wow, i didnt… cant imagine how that would be. (I believe that was… skyrise? TP is my first year competing)


The sand-filled “weebles” were from Round Up. Great game for participants, but event partners were not big fans.


Future games that needed weights avoided sand for that exact reason. They used big fat steel plates in ITZ.


The other big lesson from Round Up was that all game components need to fit through doorways without disassembly. The ladder was not popular.

Teams also learned that game objects purchased in June and used until May do not act the same way as brand-new objects they use at Worlds. This is a lesson we can all use every year.


I’d imagine the fresh flags at worlds might throw teams who’ve “broken into” their flags off.


Water game confirmed


I expect to hear numerous complaints about the flags at Worlds and how they’re so stiff.


I think it’s beneficial to tune your shooter to the most difficult-to-turn flags, but teams probably don’t want to constantly spend money on new flags.


I’m honestly thinking of shoving some dirt and a bit of glue on the pole where the flags are to make it a real pain to toggle. Then we’ll know if we have enough power or not.


We once put the field together wrong and had to disassemble it completely and reassemble it. Our reference sheet was on a phone. It died while we were still working and had to do it by memory.


That sounds like a horrible idea. I like it.