2019-2020 Vex game


Imagine if a game can’t be thought of by worlds and they say: we’re sorry, but the game will have to ship in 8 weeks.


What do you guys think next years game will be?


High scoring, not descoring, like in the zone or NBN


There are a lot of posts about this - try this one.


If you want to get a head start on next year’s game I would build a generic chassis and practice driving


Hopefully something like starstruck, I really liked that game for some reason. I’d really like it to result in many different quality bot designs like this year, just hopefully not with defense as much as this year.


I think it’ll have to do with gross collection. I predicted precise shooting this year, but I don’t have as much evidence to back up my idea this time around.


My guess is the endgame will have a hang or climb element.

The main part of the game will involve something to highlight the vision sensor’s abilities. No shooting, no stacking. There will likely be at least 2 distinct objectives uch like this year’s flags and caps.

Would be awesome if they expanded autonomous to 30 seconds.


Vex hasn’t done cubes in a while, i bet those are in there somewhere


If 1 is the possession limit, I could see temas looking to the PowerUp meta for FRC.


Water game.

Or maybe a high-scoring game involving shoving something into containers, similar to Gateway or Sack Attack. Hopefully the endgame bonus has to do with elevating a foot off the ground.


I would be good with game like gateway and hanging would be fun.


I doubt they will emphasize the vision sensor until V5 is mandatory.


Although you could argue they tried with the colored flags this year.


I predict heavy peices to emphasize motor strength


They definitely were trying to give people something to look at with the sensors, and I’d expect game pieces to feature bright colors and distinct patterns again. However I don’t think they will want to make the vision sensor OP while so many teams (especially at middle school level) are still transitioning.


I definitely want a head start on next year’s game!

What kind of driving practice would we do(exercises, maneuvers, etc)?


Honestly, driving around with a bot for this years game would be good. I would try to get some encoder values for one tile, and then if you have a bot that can stack or shoot, that helps as one of those elements will probably be in next years game.


Two words…

Water game.


Yeah, how are you guys going to practice driving in water??