2020 - 2021 VEX IQ Challenge - Rise Above

Introducing the 2020-2021 VEX IQ Challenge, Rise Above!

For more information, check out the downloads below:
Game Manual - https://link.vex.com/docs/VIQC-rise-above/GameManual
Field Appendix - https://link.vex.com/docs/VIQC-rise-above/FieldAppendix
Field Assembly Instructions - https://link.vex.com/docs/VIQC-rise-above/BuildInstructions
Field CAD - https://link.vex.com/docs/VIQC-rise-above/FieldCAD


tic tac toe anyone?


I suck at jokes but here we go:

I’m not playing IQ but let’s hope these engineers “Rise Above” the challenge.

(I know that was terrible)


Yay, all VEX parts so nothing to throw away! Thanks GDC!


Is the VEX IQ Challenge Half Field Perimeter & Tiles (228-3051) what we need to expand an existing field to the new 6" x 8" size?

Or will there be a field ‘upgrade kit’ available that doesn’t include two corners?

I just ordered the 1/2 fields for all my organizations (14). I’m going to use the spare sides/corners to frame out some posters.


I could only find requirements for starting height of robot being 15 inches. Does this mean that while in play the robot can increase? It would have to in order to stack three 8.75in risers.

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Hi Lauren, welcome to the forum. VEX rules are pretty much about what you can’t do. It says the starting height is only 15 inches and doesn’t say anything about the height after that, So you are good to go on the height.

Good luck with your season!


It also doesn’t say anything about width or length either. So unlimited expansion?

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It’s why the field is now 6x8, go big or go home! I’m thinking about taking this,

driving it out to the middle part of the field, throwing out some side supports and just reaching and stacking :slight_smile:

Or maybe a combo 4 bar linkage and forklift



I would have liked to have seen more diversity in the scoring, which would keep the game more interesting for teams of varying levels. As it is now, there will be a lot of haves and have nots based on who can make the triple stack.

Currently, risers in goals are all worth only 1 pt, regardless of level. Why not make second level and third level risers worth 2 pts and 3 pts, respectively, for example?

Currently only a triple stack in a completed row gives the huge bonus of 30 pts. Why not make a double stack in a completed row worth 8 or 10 pts?

I feel a few simple scoring adjustments could really help the competition be relevant for more teams and allow teams to incrementally progress towards the higher scores. Not sure if VEX ever changes the scoring rules after release, but I thought I’d try.

I also thought some 3D rows would be fun as well, but decided that might be too complicated for kids this age.

Thanks for reading,



If you would score 3 risers on each space in a row would that be 102 ??

If they are all the same color then it’s 3 for the row and then 3*30 for the three completed stack, so 93 for that row. How did you get to 102?

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Each of the 9 risers is worth one point by itself when scored.

Ahh right, forgot about that. Math has always been my downfall :frowning:

That’s 27 Riser,in 3 Rows,3 Stack.So it should be 126. (9+3+30)*3

So is max score 306?

@Lauren_Downs expansion is unlimited (https://content.vexrobotics.com/docs/viqc-rise-above/GameManual.pdf). So you can expand up and out. We are about to see some crazy bots :slight_smile: Reminds me of that one bot from the YouTube video for the worlds finals during Highrise (Vex IQ Robotics 2015 World Championship | 3rd Place Middle School - YouTube)

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I believe so, 306 will be the maximum if every goal fill with 3 riser. And all in the row.

The 30 seems like way too much… But that third will be incredibly difficult to get up there.

I do like the idea of a double stack getting something like 10 bonus points. So, would you score it either as a double or triple (+10 or +30), and not accumulative (+40 if a triple stack)?

Looking at the dimensions a double stack would be at 17.5", not really high or difficult. That is something most robots were able to build for Next Level using Flex. I would estimate that most teams will be able to triple stack fairly quickly.