2020 - 2021 VEX IQ Challenge - Rise Above

You remember those next level stacks falling? I bet when you put that third one up it’s going to be dominoes very fast…

:smiley: don’t we ever!!! With NL, the hubs were hollow in the middle, so not much surface area to stack on top. Only way was to build pyramid, and those were tricky and easy to mess up. Risers here seem to have support in the middle and better surface area, so compared to NL it may be easier… Again, all based on just looking at the risers vs NL hubs, so could definitely be wrong.

It looks like games being designed are very easy to be de-scored. Driver skill will be important.


@sankeydd… oh just reread my post and I think I see here the confusion is. I don’t mean teams will be stacking quickly. I mean we will see teams that can have a triple stack in the very near future. :). This triple stack thing will be solved probably by mid summer (depending on the whole corona virus thing).

It will be very crazy since the robot expansion is unlimited, Just have to fit within an 11” x 19” area, bounded by the Starting Positions. But unlimited when the game started.
We will see a lot of creative bots this year!

It will be solved in one day since the expansion is unlimited. You can Probably stack 9 riser together if you want. Like the last year’s tower take over.

Yeah, I’m sure teams are already solving it right now with potential designs. Just that no one has actual game elements to test it out. But once they do, we’ll see a triple stack.

What region are you in?

These are going to be really light, and very easy to knock over. Given their size and dimensions they will be really unstable. Some elementary teams will have trouble just pushing the bottom ones in without knocking them over.

While we will see triples very soon, but I think the game itself will be a hot mess until much later in the season!

I’m not suggesting that the triple stack won’t be solved by the more experienced or more serious teams, maybe even possibly in a day, but that not being able to make a triple stack will severely disadvantage the more recreational teams (like mine). Allowing points for a double stack in a completed row would give an intermediate goal for these types of teams. The way it is now, it is like making the tall tower in Squared Away worth 100 pts instead of 20. Yes, many teams could do it, but definitely not a majority of teams.

It is important to remember that many teams spend only an hour a week together (after school club) and I think the game should accommodate the various involvement levels, especially in the Elementary division where kids shouldn’t be discouraged from trying by overly competitive scoring rules. What harm is there in making more achievable challenges while working up to triple stacks? It doesn’t take anything away from the great teams. It simply makes it more fun for more teams. Isn’t that ultimately the point of all of this?

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Glad you like the idea. I think it should accumulate if you have a double stack and a triple stack in a row, just like if you have multiple triple stacks in a row. However, each stack should be only a double or only a triple, not both at the same time.

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I was thinking 321 was the max, but then realized that you can’t complete all 8 rows unless you don’t stack anything. So you can only complete 3 rows, yielding 306 as a max. Over 270 of those points are from triple stacks… sigh.

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We are in California. Never said all teams, including new Elementary teams, would easily be able to triple stack. Only said a triple stack will be solved by mid summer (depending on Covid)… and the assumption is that it will be by experienced teams, and that these teams will probably have a solution by the first day once they get their hands on the game elements.

I’ll let you know how camp goes! (If they let us hold it…)

And the skidding like in squared away…

they do have a lot more contact surface than the next level hubs though-- so tipping should be less of a concern, though anything not “upright” is non-scoring, so that’s a thing too.

Unfortunately for us, the lock downs in California haven’t been lifted. And the governor and state superintendent have already declared students aren’t going back to school for the remainder of the school year. Summer robotics camp at schools look like they won’t happen this year in California. Hope you guys get to hold your camps.

I like the game. I think it’s going to require lots of communication and collaboration between the teams about which colors are going in which rows.

I think we’ll eventually see multiple stacks on a field but a smartly driven push bot will be an excellent partner. They will be needed to get the base risers in place and clear paths for the partner robot to move other risers around the field


[oldguypost] I’m excited to give Triple Play another shot. [/oldguypost]

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I feel that the meta this year will be big rd4b getting three stacks

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Already got one built! Coming up here soon!

same .

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i think a vrc game itz type robot will be meta.

that type of robot but modified a bit