2022 Vex IQ VEX Robotics World Championship Discussion

I figure since there hasn’t been an in person Worlds in 3 years that many teams would have many questions regarding what to expect, etc, as it relates to Dallas.

The starting point should be the official website listed below, but figured that it would be a good thing to consolidate much of the conversation in a single thread.




Assuming the baseball lockout is over, the Texas Rangers are hosting the KC Royals May 10, 11, 12.

Anyone have a decent idea of what time the awards would be complete for the middle school division on May 10?

Is an 8pm game in Arlington on the table at all or not?

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Dude, tsym. I would never have remembered that. If it’s at all possible we will definitely be there

Thought I would toss a link to this post too about the layout, doesn’t seem to be on the Vex World page that I can easily find.

I am going to host a meeting for my teams on Sunday to prepare my parents for the commitment they are about to embark on, especially for the teams interested in the open division at worlds. This is my meeting outline, any recommendations from the World Veterans that they would suggest I cover as well?

  • World Championship
    • Entry Fee: $1200 / team
    • 2 teams have qualified already via the Online STEM Challenge (D & F)
    • 3 other teams have expressed interest in the ‘Open’ division (B, E & H)
      • Teams who register for the Open Division and later qualify via the State Championship will be moved to the qualifier divisions
    • A parent is required to travel with their student and will be responsible for them the entire duration of the trip.

Competition location: Dallas, TX

Date: Middle School May 8-10; Elementary May 10-12

Flight dates: Middle School May 7 - May 11; Elementary May 9 - 13

Commitment deadline for Open Division teams: Tomorrow! Registration and payments will be processed Tuesday March 1. Space is limited and there is not a guarantee we will get all teams a slot in the open division.

A marketing and fundraising campaign will be coordinated and all families will be required to participate in these efforts.

We will order additional apparel for the team members and stickers to trade at the event.

First goal of fundraising is to cover the entry fee for each team & the apparel/swag. Any additional funds will be distributed among the families to help offset flight, hotel, food and other travel costs.

Each team will need to transport their robot through the airport. Recommendations will follow.

World Event LINKS

World Championship Home Page

2022 VEX Robotics World Championship - VEX IQ Challenge Middle School Event


2022 VEX Robotics World Championship - OPEN VEX IQ Challenge Middle School Event


2022 VEX Robotics World Championship - VEX IQ Challenge Elementary School Event


2022 VEX Robotics World Championship - OPEN VEX IQ Challenge Elementary School Event


A full agenda from RECF would be helpful. Our teams cannot spend all week with Elementary being Tuesday-Thursday, so figuring out the exact times would be helpful. I have seen the “be here by 10:00 am day one and leave at 8:00 day three”, but more precision would be appreciated

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Can you explain the stickers you’ll be trading? We’re going to worlds for the first time and I don’t want to miss out on unique things like this!

Has anyone heard anything around when the game announcement will be, since ES and MS finals are separated by days?

We just got qualified and were trying to book a hotel , but most of the two-queen-beds rooms have been sold out on the official booking site. Is it possible to increase the number of available rooms by the organizer?

We will attend vex iq world middle school, and plan to fly back to east coast on 5/10. The official recommendation says “Teams can depart anytime after 8 PM on the last day of competition”, but that would be too late for flights. In 2019 the final and ceremony finished by 6pm. This year the tentative agenda shows a split between MS and ES on 5/10. Does this mean MS will finish by early afternoon, or MS and ES will run in parallel for the whole day?

Interesting thought, I assume it will be during middle school iq finals. But there is no announcement yet.

We were going to go as private teams to avoid the extra steps and procedures of going through the district, but it turns out the district was able to get us really cheap nice reserved hotel rooms. So if you can do that, I would.

Thanks for the suggestion! Did you just contact the school district asking for sponsorship? I have never asked the district about this kind of event.

Well, out principal is really invested in our team and wanted to make sure we were comfortable for worlds so he talked to the school board. I would just go and ask your principal

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How many teams will be there in total? It seems this year for Vex IQ MS alone there will be 500-600 teams, so there will be 2000 teams all together? This sounds many more than previous years such as 2019.

@DanMantz -

It’s been asked in other places and I don’t think we’ve seen an answer yet, but will there be a 22/23 Game reveal at the end of IQ MS finals day on Tuesday? Or is it being saved until the end of the IQ Elementary finals on Thursday? We are waiting to book travel until this info can be shared as the MS kids want to see it live. I’m sure there are many others in MS in the same position as well given the game reveal is a big part of worlds, so hoping we can get an official statement on this as travel costs go up daily.


Yeah I was wondering this too

A little more detail on the Tuesday middle school timeline would be amazing for travel planning. Expected finish time, closing ceremony, etc


I called Robotics Education, and they have no idea about the timeline on Tuesday right now. I am just going to book a return flight around 6pm.

The 2023 VEX IQ Challenge Game Unveil will be on Tuesday, May 10 after the VIQC MS Championship. This will be at approximately 7:00 PM. VIQC ES teams Opening Ceremonies are scheduled for 1:00 PM on May 10 and VIQC Skills matches start immediately afterwards so we hope that IQ teams will attend the live Game Unveil also. For the IQ Teams, we will also have a Game Unveil recap as part of the VIQC ES closing ceremonies at 5:00 PM on May 12.

Please note that all these times may change slightly pending the final count of registered teams.

I hope this information helps.