24C 2.0 "The Vacuum" Build Reveal

Great robot, but I would suggest covering the conveyor belt with anti-slip mat since sacks tend to slide down on the regular plastic treads.

Yes, you are correct. I think I failed to mention that we were planning on most likely putting a bunch of the high traction tread links on the conveyor, to add some grip.

Thanks for the post! :slight_smile:


where’s that not bad meme. . .:smiley:
i don’t think i could of made a better robot for this type of strategy:)

Would it be possible to see a video of this robot? I am very curious to see how this intake picks up and descores sacks, as well as how helpful the tank tread conveyor belt is.

well thats probably the best idea ive seen this year. simple. efficient. cleanly built. good job!

Thank you both so much! I hope that us posting this here may help “Spark” (;)) some ideas for some other teams.

Okay, update on the robot. Monday night, unfortunately not a whole lot physically was done on the robot. Mostly it was “hidden” stuff. For example, there were two tabs of metal which we knew were going to have to be cut off the drive so that the conveyor’s tread didn’t hit them. We also had to add support to the 4-bar mounts, so that the weight of the intake didn’t cause them to bend forward. We also added rubber links to the conveyor, although after testing it for a minute or two yesterday, I think we may need some more (we were running low, but I think 24A has found a way to use fewer than they had been… ;)), and then finally we simply added a limit for the top-roller so it would be kept at the correct height.

Still no video, guys. Sorry. :frowning: I’ll try to get some as soon as I get a chance to try it out again.


eagerly waiting to see this beast in action.

Videos at last!

Intake 8, 1 at a time
Intake Pile of 5 & 8
Intake Pushing Sacks Out

Sorry that they aren’t very good quality, and don’t show very much.

Anyway, enjoy!


Looks like your intake works pretty good.

Why did you use the standoffs? Did Tank Tread not work?

Have you had any tipping problems? It looks like you intake/hopper would be VERY heavy.

The stand offs (I’m pretty sure this is why he used them, its why our team used them too) prevent the flaps from bending back, so when intaking they are almost straight out like Wheel legs, but they don’t have as much of a chance of throwing the sacks out of the robot.
(Sorry for answering jordan >.<)

Hmm… OK. They would be to heavy for our bot… We only have the short flaps on our intake, so it wouldn’t help that much.

Thanks! And that’s perfectly okay; thank you for answering!

Yes, we used the standoffs to add some rigidity to the intake. The flaps were a bit too flexible.

Also, we haven’t wired everything up yet, so we can’t really test driving it around. We’re hoping to have most of the team over here at my house this Saturday, so hopefully we’ll have it wired up and driving around by the end of the day! More videos out once we get that far.


you should definitely be able to move 20 sacks with a 1:3 ratio our robot at towson has a 1:1 gearing ratio with 4 inch wheels and we can move 24+ sacks on a field with 2 269s, and 2 393s geared to 6 wheels the only problem i can see is lack of ground contact causing to much friction on 4 tiny wheels

also it might work on a floor or a table but once you test it on the mat materials it might not work we had a robot that was flawless until it hit the mat

Yes this happened to us, I would suggest maybe adding a couple more free spinning wheels to give better support.

I can’t wait to see video of this design in action.

Hmm, I think I know the answer, but how is the long tank tread in the hopper powered? It looks like it would have to be the two motors up in the front but I couldn’t tell for sure…

The answer to what?

His own question about how the tread is powered.

Oh, I see :stuck_out_tongue: