24C 2.0 "The Vacuum" Build Reveal

In the third picture of the OP, the motor on the right powers the intake and the motor on the left powers the tread floor I believe.

Ok. That’s what it looked like but I wasn’t for sure. Thanks.

Ours is actually geared up 1:3, but after testing it today, it does seem like it will work very well. Also, I’m not thinking that we’ll have problems because of having only 4 wheels as opposed to 6.

I think it should be fine once we get it on the mats. I’d rather not add any freely spinning wheels, because that would most likely affect how well we can drive over sacks.

Hopefully we’ll have some better video for you all soon!

Yes, that is correct. Both are at the front of the intake; one for the roller and the other for the conveyor.

Thank you all for your posts!



I was able to bring the robot home, so after we fixed a few things at last night’s meeting, I added more high traction tread links to the conveyor, and tested it just a couple of hours ago.

First Full Test Drive
Intaking a Large Pile (9 Sacks)
Pickup “Speed” Run



It looks awesome Jordan. See you on the 27th.

How do you keep it from being pushed sideways because of the omni’s

Nice! It intakes pretty well! I guess the standoffs really make a huge difference compared to the tank tread flaps. Does it descore as well as it intakes? I think it would, largely because of the standoffs.

Thank you! Looking forward to seeing you guys there!

If we wanted to hold our ground, we’d spin 90 degrees (very quickly, I might add, given our speed). Otherwise, we’d just drive away (again, very quickly).

We’re hoping that it will! :wink: We actually still have yet to test de-scoring. But we’ll be testing that plentily the next time we meet. (I might be able to get a short video this Monday, however it will be our 4-H Club meeting, so the team won’t be working on the robots.)

Thank you for your posts!


Be sure to test it on the foam tiles!!!


Didn’t get a chance to test it at the meeting, and I wasn’t able to bring any home with us. :confused: Probably won’t be able to test it on the tiles until next Saturday (October 13), which is our next meeting. Still, I’m really not worried about how it performs on the tiles. I don’t think it could be that much different.

Thanks for the post! :slight_smile:


Oh yes it can!

~Jordan :wink:

Hello, everyone! 24A, 24C, and 24Z (our new Middle School team!) went to the HZR Scrimmage on October 11th. 24A didn’t quite have their robot finished enough to run, but 24Z got some testing done, and 24C was able to play in every match except a couple near the beginning while we were busy fixing a few forgotten issues.

Anyway, we were able to get a fair amount of video at the tournament. Unfortunately, most of them were not taken by me, and I will not be able to get the video until Friday. However, I do have one video uploaded to YouTube, and I should have another uploaded soon. Here is the link to the video I’ve uploaded to YouTube: 24C Sack Attack Hereford Scrimmage 11 - YouTube

Overall, the scrimmage was a very good experience for our team. 929W seems to be giving us a tough time. :wink: Haha, and we had some good times there. We found that with our drive being so fast, along with it being as short as it was, that it would flip over too easily.

We have since nearly finished the new drivetrain, which is much longer. The drive now has just four motors on it, and the lift has four as well, as opposed to two. We found that the power would be better used on the lift than the drive, agreeing that the field this year does not require a fast drive. There are plenty of game objects all over the field, and plenty of ways to reach the goals, which are large. A 1:2 gear ratio is not terribly slower than a 1:3, either, so it should still be rather quick. 1:3 was getting to be uncontrollable, so we are glad to be slowing it down a bit, haha.

That’s about it! Thank you for reading, and I look forward to any questions, comments, suggestions, or anything you have to say!


Gonna be ready for NWVRC?

We sure will be! :wink: We’ve got an all-day (nearly all-day, at least) meeting this Saturday, when we hope to work on some Autonomous/Programming Skills code. But first we have to finish the robot … haha. :stuck_out_tongue:


Finally, Jordan. It’s about time you uploaded the rest of those videos from the HZR Scrimmage.

:stuck_out_tongue: Here is a link to the playlist I created: 24C Sack Attack Hereford Scrimmage 2 - YouTube

(Some of the videos don’t have audio!)


Another great-looking robot from the Sparks – and you used my favorite wheels, too. Nice work and I’m sure you’re going to have a great season.

Thank you, Mr. Tyler! And yes, we love the new 2.75" omni-directional wheels. :slight_smile:

Also, I’ll be posting another update on our robot soon, everyone. So be ready! :wink:


I’m looking forward to it! You guys always have good ideas that work.

Thank you, Jesse!

To everyone: Don’t forget to check out the webcast of our tournament tomorrow! I’m guessing that it should be starting at around 9:00-9:30 AM EST, so go watch it then! Here’s the link: http://ustream.tv/channel/nwmdvrc


I have a question about your design. As the treads are, without any flaps or anything, could it push sacks out the back of the intake ( assuming you hadn’t put in that bar at the back ) ?