34203X cad

After seeing a lot of Cad for hood bots or snail bots I decided to design one myself but with a 6 motor drive instead of the normal 4 motor drive that everyone else is seeming to go with. The robot should be able to hold from 3 to 4 balls and has a 1 motor intake and a 1 motor indexer which allowed me to have a 6 motor drive. I was just wondering what everyone’s thoughts were on a 6 motor drives viability for this years game. If you have any questions I would be happy do answer. blur render 2 blur render 3 blur render
(Also I know the renders are blurry i did this on purpose because i don’t like hole counting)


Specs? What is the width of the chassis? And the length?


The chassis is about 15 by 12 inches and the wheels are about 8 inches from axel to axel.

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Nice! I like the single motor intake, what would be the gear ratio on that?

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Right now the motor to the back sprocket is just a 1:1 but I should be able to adjust it the only concern is can the motor supply enough torque

intakes will be fine on one motor, but I’d be worried about the indexer stalling. you’d have to slow it down significantly, and that might counter the benefits you get from a 6m drive. But maybe not.

Also blurring is your choice, but I could still holecount most of that robot if I wanted to tbh so all it really does is make your renders look bad lol.


I think if you can get a strong intake and have a six motor drive it will really help. The acceleration and pushing power will be a big deal this year considering how fast you’ll need to be in order to keep up with everyone. However you still will need a reliable and speedy intake. Doing so with one motor is gonna be a challenge, and with that amount of chain and gearing on that one motor, it’s gonna severely limit the speed you’ll be able to have. I predict 600RPM intakes on this, you might not be able to get that with one motor on that design, but I may be wrong.

Yeah that’s true and the renders look to good to not share.
render 1


I will probably try 600rpm for the intakes and then either 200 or 300 for the indexer but I don’t know when I can start building due to everything is still at school. I am hoping that it will not have too many downsides making the 6 motor drive not useful.

much better. :wink:

one other concern I’d have is that your intakes might not stick out far enough. this is the same issue that my ci2d has, I think that deploying intakes are a must this year unfortunately.

also, do you want a .step file for the actual game pieces?

Honestly having it all the same speed might be a good idea. I feel like a 600RPM indexer would work pretty well.

I have the field and looked at it a bit and its pretty close. I think I can lower the intakes and shallow out the angle but the problem I see is the motor hitting the goal.

Alright I can try them the same speed at first but my school does not have any of the gear cartridge’s so we would have to get some.

problem is that your intakes need to go like 6 inches into the goal to always be able to descore. 1m intakes capable of descoring will be hard, a flip down would probably be your best bet.

I can try that but I might run into the same problem where the motor will hit. If you look at the side view render you can see that the main problem would be where the motor is placed for the intakes.

Lol I agree.
On another subject, your robot looks cool. I like the way you are using sprockets


Yeah solidworks makes some pretty good renders

Why couldn’t you just make the front of the base high enough that you could drive into the goal? If intakes stuck out, say 3 inches, couldn’t you just drive into the goal to descore?

How are the sprockets attached tho?
Btw that is a lot Of sprockets

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I think the front of the base is but the motor for the intakes is mounted pretty high up and looks like it might cause a challenge for descoring