5842Z CAD reveal

You must have more time than me :slight_smile: Good luck on your quest!

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Thank you!

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How did you make this? I would like to make a 3d model of my robot but I can’t move any of my imports in onshape. Also this is a very good robot.

This software is protobot, it is a little finicky, but it is quite nice


one thing you could have done to still avoid those outer channels that form the roller mech towers is if you extended the shorter inner channels, and then just mounted the roller mech off the front spaced the same with standoffs or pillow bearings or some combination.


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What’s the point of the flex wheel in between the omnis on the roller mech? It won’t actually touch the roller, the diameter is smaller.

Also, I’d recommend having only 1 traction wheel in you drive, 2 will add turning scrub (although it probably won’t be terrible if they are that close together).


That’s just there for reminder for us, we are still trying to decide what we prefer driver wise as they both are very viable

Nice job! Great to see other florida teams switching to #catagang ! Although I am not competing in FL anymore (or in VRC for that matter), I am interested in seeing how well y’all do this season!

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this is gonna be a pain in the butt to load with suck a steep angle

How is your shooter working? What is the basic principle behind it? How does it work?

it’s a catapult. it catapults things.


we have a solution for this : )

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Does it have a catalog of vex parts then? First time hearing of this, have been using fusion 360, is it worth checking out?

Yes it does. Protobot is specifically designed for Vex. I used it to model my robot for Spin up. Last year for tipping point I used inventor. I found Protobot more efficient than inventor when it came to vex, but inventor and fusion 360 also has a lot more features to allow you to model things like lexan sheets and chain. Protobot is also a bit buggy because it’s in it’s beta phases.


How do you get your discs into the catapult mechanism? I have been staring at it for hours wondering how they get in. Do you guys just use pre and match loads?

An intake that intake things


Please, how is it done. No seriously though.

it uses an intake, as very clearly seen by all the flex wheels, but the piece that is going to act as a backing for the discs to ride on is a 606x inspired polycarbonate wall with spacer rollers.


an intake, there really isn’t more to say