The Jokes have gone too far

There have been a lot of memes about me that were funny and didn’t really inustling like Dankest Vex Memes? - #6978 by TayDay and Dankest Vex Memes? - #7015 by Bubski . Sadly there have been some more inustling memes that make fun of me and break the Rec Foundation Code of Conduct like Dankest Vex Memes? - #7227 by 1064R and a post by @RoboJoe about me and breathing. I respectfully ask you to stop bashing me and making fun of me in bad ways that are hurtful to me and others. Please think about what you post before you post it so we can have the best forum possible.




That is a two-way street.



Not saying the jokes are valid(because they aren’t), just trying to point out you are definitely not innocent.

We would have no reason to make these jokes if you made yourself a well known and liked member of the community through more meaningful posts.

I could go on and on but it would be best not to.


This is a reminder to all. Please treat all forum members with respect.

Moving forward I will apply Our Community Guidelines with the utmost scrutiny.
This message serves as a strike one, and first warning, to all users on the forum. I will be skipping warnings on all future infractions and silencing or banning users immediately when necessary.

Thank you.