606X Stickers Fundraiser

Hello everyone,

We are proud to announce that we are selling stickers! If you wish to own your very own VEX HEX sticker, the moment has come. These clean and colorful stickers look good are high quality, and will stand out, wherever you put them.


The stickers are approximately 2.5" tall by 2.25" wide, oriented with the vertices of the hexagon pointing up and down. The sticker design has our sharp purple, black, and white logo, with the text "VEX HEX 606X surrounding the crest. It’ll definitely stand out from the rest, with its glossy, durable vinyl coating. Go ahead, stick it on your robot sideskirts. These quality stickers are sure to keep intact through the roughest of robot skirmishes. But don’t feel limited to just robots! These stickers go well with just about anything you can stick them to. Water bottles, phone cases, laptops, road cases… the possibilities are endless.


We’ve managed to reduce the price of these stickers to just $1 apiece, plus shipping. For a very affordable price, you can sport your very own VEX HEX stickers. Shipping is $0.60 per order.

The prices scale linearly. For example, 1 sticker costs $1.60, 4 stickers costs $4.60, and 100 stickers cost $100.60.

However, there is one exception. 6 stickers cost $6.06, shipping costs waived. There’s a discount to get that special number, because Ynot?

These stickers are not your ordinary stickers. They have a printed vinyl back, essentially meaning that you get 1 sticker and 1 poster. The back of the stickers still peel off like normal, but the wrapping (that you would normally throw away) has a special design.

Front of the sticker (adhesive):

Back of the sticker (peels off):

Shiny finish!

Video showcasing the sticker:

How to Pay

We are accepting Venmo or CashApp. In the description box of the payment, enter this information.

  1. Quantity of Stickers
  2. Address (building number + street name, city, state and ZIP code)
  3. Name you want addressed on envelope

Venmo: @ Ben2n
CashApp: $VEXHEXrobotics

When we receive the payment, we will ship the stickers in a standard white envelope as soon as possible.

If you have any questions, feel free to send a PM to this account on VF, or message Ben on Discord: Ben2n #2325.


100% of the proceeds ($0.60 per sticker) will go towards our team. Specifically these expenditures:

  1. Buying parts
  2. Travel fees
  3. Registration fees

We’ll be giving these stickers away for free at all events that we go to. We’re selling stickers online for teams or individuals wanting our stickers right now.


I will be buying one of these things whenever I get the chance.




Nah, team stickers are exclusively for handing out to teams for free and having sticker parties. If you mentioned that this is for team funding to travel or something, we would have a different story.

It was my greatest pleasure opening the forums and seeing an advertisement at the top of my feed.


:sob: no shot you’re selling pieces of paper ben why

embarrassing tbh


Yes, this is the case. 100% of the proceeds will be used for funding parts and travel. As a private team, funds have been tight.

However, we did not think that we would need to clarify this. We’ll update the post to make sure this is clear. Sorry for the miscommunication.


We respectfully disagree, they’re stickers. Robosource also sells stickers, why can’t we?

We’re selling these because we noticed several people were interested in getting them.

Living in a relatively isolated place (a small town in Arizona), it’s hard to hand them out in person. But we would still like to give people our stickers.

And just to reiterate,
Our stickers will be given out free at all events we attend. This fundraiser is merely a method to give stickers to teams outside our region.


You don’t have to buy them if you don’t want to. I’m not going to buy any, but if some people want to, they can go for it.


Sheeeeesh :fire: :fire: :fire: ‌‌‌‌‌


I might have to buy some just to support the team, if I get one at a comp do I also need to pay the shipping fee?


They said that if you get the sticker at a comp it is free. However if you are out of the region and want to buy the stickers online, you need to pay $1/sticker + $0.60 in shipping.


on my way to buy 606 606x stickers


i can get them for free without going to a comp bc i go to school w ben :smiley:


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Do y’all ship to the land down under? (for the uninitiated, Australia)