7842F Engineering Notebooks and Programs

Now that the VEX 2017-2018 season has come to an end, we would like to showcase our team’s Engineering Notebooks and programs. With these, we were given the Build award in the Engineering division which we are very proud of, especially since this was our first worlds appearance :slight_smile:

We had 3 notebooks this season. One was for building and the other two were for programming and scouting at regional events. The scouting notebook wasn’t very interesting, so we won’t be sharing it. As the year progressed, we got better at notebook entries, which is why the Build notebook improves after page 44 and the Programming notebook improves after page 27.

If anyone has questions about our programming, ask theol0403#6480 on Discord :slight_smile:

Anyway, here’s the download link and we hope to have another great year! Let us know what you think.
The PDFs for the notebooks are below:
7842F Programming Documents.pdf (13.4 MB)
7842F Build Documents.pdf (26 MB)


What notebook did you use? Could you provide a link?

We used the vex notebooks. The link is at the bottom of the post. Also here


I didn’t realize I could just put the PDFs in the post. I’ve added them so they can be seen right from the page without needing to download.

Those images are great! I’m guessing you’ve used autodesk alot to make them (though when I try the outcome rather subpar).

(I’ve seen your yt channel too)

Thanks! We used Inventor a lot this year. Our school allows us to work on the robots 4 hours on Mondays and 4 hours on Fridays, so being able to prototype on the computer is very good for us. It also looks good in the notebooks too.

First season at Worlds you say? Impressive. My scouts said very good things about your team.

@Jacob Walter it would be great if you could share the Inventor assemblies of some of your lift designs.

What did your scouting notebook look like? That’s a very interesting system to separate out the notebooks by topic like that, and it solves a lot of problems that we’ve been having without our own notebook

Great post and a fantastic resource. I’ll be copying and sending these to my girls.

Glad to hear her it! Happy to help :slight_smile: