8059D Catapult Hybrid: Singapore VEX 2016 Edition (Reveal)

Since Singapore VEX is now over, and World VEX is in 9 months time, we would like to reveal one of our robots that took part in the competition.

Reveal video:

This robot has 2 methods of scoring, by reverse dumping the stars/cubes or by launching the stars/cubes with the catapult. The dumper is also used to lift stars onto the catapult tray in the robot.


Holonomic drivetrain
4 motors with internal speed gearing (1.6), direct drive
4 3.25’’ Omni-Wheels

4 motors with internal speed gearing (1.6), geared 1:5
Flip-down scoop
Latex assisted

4 motors with internal strength gearing (1.0), geared 1:5
Slip-gear release mechanism

12 points differential (In reveal video)

Excellence Award
Tournament 3rd place (with 8068G and 8059B)
5th Seed; 7-2-0; 36 AP (Won all autonomous); 150 SP
1st Programming Skills (19 points)
Watch here:

Thank you very much for reading our reveal and feel free to ask us any questions!! We will try our best to answer.


Very cool! I’ve been looking into catapult/dumper bots, and you robot is a shining example of one. My question is, can you robot score cubes into the Far Zone? There were times when it appears that you could, but you didn’t. I don’t want to make any assumptions though. Very good robot this early in the season!

The catapult can only score cubes to the near zone.
As for scoring using reverse dump method, it can… but sometimes it really depends on how the cubes land on the tile - sometimes it might roll a bit or sometimes it just stay still. And it also depends on where is the position of the cube when they picked it up, ie. how far deep into the tray is the cube.

How often did the team use the catapult during the match? Was it roughly a 50-50 split between dumper and catapult, or was one preferred over the other?

A fantastic bot, as usual! :slight_smile:

As what I see, a catapult without anything but motors on a high speed gear ratio could shoot the stars full court with an insanely fast reload.
But that’s an insanely awesome robot! #HybridBots

Is it me or that’s a lot of lexan on your robot? Is that legal? -Just a little question, but nice bot!

To be honest, the catapult is the most useful during autonomous. During matches, it is really more convenient to just intake the stars and reverse dump.
but as you can see in that few snippets, the catapult is a good tool to have in your arsenal. It can catch the opponents by surprise, eg. just when they were trying to line up to block your reverse dump, you shoot the star across instead, etc.

And thanks! :slight_smile:

The most difficult part of catapult is not the catapult itself, it is the intake and loading of the stars into the catapult.

Yea, the intake is very awesome. I never thought of such an intake like that…

Yes the amount of lexan we used is actually just within the legal limit. Thanks and nice observation there!

What we did was that we always have the lexan cut up to pieces of 12"x24".
And the teams will always used one sheet of it that’s all. This is a very “safe” approach to ensure the teams will always stay within the legal limit :slight_smile:

That claw robot in the video seems impractical in theory but dang in practice that’s a whole other story.

Do you have any more pictures of your robot? Thanks in advance.

Both clawbots belong to 8068. And yes… they were awesome!

One thing I like about this season is that - there seem to have no obvious “winner” in terms of a winning design… or at least, I still couldnt figure out a design that will prove to be a sure winner. Both claw and tray have their pros and cons.

Great early reveal! Love the robot and autonomous :slight_smile:

Is this robot able to hang? It doesn’t seem like it, but I’m asking anyway.
Nice robot overall! It’s really fast!

No… it can’t hang. Its a trade-off between having a catapult/tray hybrid and a normal tray w high hang robot.

But the team will be trying to optimise the catapult, and hopefully they can high hang after that :slight_smile:

Thank you so much :slight_smile:

More pictures uploaded.

If I am budged enough… I might make a thread about our clawbot :smiley: But I must say… This has happened to me twice in a year; I run as 8068 but with no communications during our working stages both 8068 and 8059 came up with a similar robot design. First it was the NBN programming skills robot(about that…), then now it is this catapult and dumper! Unfortunately scrapped it in the last few working hours to build the claw. Hmm…

You said you had 150 SP in the end. Did they also post that on the scoreboard along with the WP and APs?