97963A Early Season Reveal || Vex Change Up

I have a big feeling 315G will highly benefit from this season. The mechanisms this season are incredibly simple so they can easily make a transmission to control their entire robot with two motors with a 6 motor drive, similar to Turning Point.


you shouldn’t be using a 6m drive unless you can use fancy ratchets and transmissions to power everything fairly independently with 2 remaining motors. the fact that almost every mechanism on a hood has the same rotational direction makes this very viable.


I can’t seem to access the video because I don’t have permission to view it, is that only a me problem or are other people also having a problem with that?

looks like it’s been made private.

Agreed, that TP bot was incredible. A lot few moving parts too.

they are correcting the skills run


I think this year you can get plenty of speed out of a 4 motor drive and the other motors should be used to maximize cycle time. :thinking:


I believe xenon agrees with that statement. He is not for 6 motor drive, but keep in mind 6m drive does have benefits

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I change the link in the first post, now it should work


It’ll give you the same speed, but less torque. It all depends on your strategy. If you want to be strictly offensive, go for 4M drive. Likewise, if you want to be defensive, go for 6M.

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Well done on that pooper though. It’s the most efficient one I’ve seen yet!

any plans on adding a hoarder to the back? I feel like its a minor thing, but also just gives you a slight edge over an opponent.


I still prefer 99999V’s robot.

Do we know of anyone else that has max skills yet?

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I don’t believe anyone has publicly released a video of themselves maxing skills since the update.

not recording I don’t think. but if I had a field to practice on I could definitely max.
I also think most robots that have been revealed recently could max as well.


I bet some teams have maxed it out on the XRC sim, but I have yet to see a team do it (irl) since the update.

I’m guessing that you don’t actually need a trapdoor / pooper to max skills. In the interval of scoring each towers, you can see the bot removing blue balls and then intaking red. This process can potentially be merged into 1 if you intake the red ball and remove the blue ball by releasing from the top. This means that u actually don’t need a specific mechanism for removing diff colored balls in skills

I think a discarder will save a few seconds, and that could be all the difference in skills this year.


Maryland is getting a lot better this year. I almost feel like all the seniors have been replaced and it’s just July. Kudos to Jason and Gavin for carrying on the JC Org!