99999v Early Season Reveal

Xenon I think rubber band rollers will be better because I think they limit compression cause of the bands which may allow higher rpms on indexers and overall they seem to do a better job of “flicking” the ball up through the bot.

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true, but lets say that the two robots will spend the same amount of time intaking. higher cap will spend longer periods intaking but won’t have to intake very many times. lower cap will spend less time intaking but will have to do it more often.

so the total time per match intaking will be the same.

but now lets think about how long scoring takes, this is where the lower cap bots shine. since the higher cap will have a longer hood and will also need slower rollers it will always have to spend more time than the lower cap bot to score.

of course strategy can greatly effect this, if the higher cap bot is able to take full advantage of its higher capacity it might be able to keep up. but if it starts to try to play the game like a lower cap bot, cycling and grabbing only a few balls at once, it will always fail to the lower capacity bot.


why use rollers with treads to create high compression and then also have rubber band rollers over it

The whole point of the snailbot was to rearrange balls in the goal. By having more than 3 balls in the magazine, you remove that capability.


This of course only applies if the ball path through the robot is a line, not a loop or other weird ball routing.

if someone figures out a way to store a bunch of balls without making the path from the intakes to the top longer that would make it more viable imo.

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I wonder if something could be made using a trapdoor kind of system to where you could either have the ball go straight up to the top or have it go into some kind of holding tank… that’s probably one of few ways to do something like that…

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this robot does that.

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I mean where you could store 2-3 balls and not have a longer loop necessarily.

oh I see what you mean. yeah this is possible, but might not be worth the complexity.

One of the ways that I have thought of increasing the ball capacity was to make a “Double Stack” Mechanism like are commonly used in Firearm Magazines.


It wouldn’t make the distance from the Intakes to the Top longer, but would increase the amount of balls that you could fit in that space. I haven’t put a ton of thought into it how exactly it would work, although I might dabble in it a bit more to see of it’s a viable option after I iron out any bugs with the 'Single Stack" Snail-Bot.

Here are some mock ups from when I was coming up with the concept

(The tan lines / squares are the 18" sizing border)
Single Stack
v Front v

v Side v

Double Stack
v Front v

v Side v


That 1 ball storage in the back is pretty clever!

Take a look at this robot back from NbN season, which stored the balls in the magazine:

6210z Post State Robot Reveal (although it was later replaced with different design for Worlds)

I think, there might be a relatively easy way to store two balls in the back of the robot (and third pushed out when overflows) with the ability to retrieve them back into the main loop when necessary. You could ratchet the top roller motor to select whether the bottom roller takes the next ball from the intake or backpack storage. The tricky part might be the latch mechanism that allows top roller motor to momentarily activate it and the switch back to forward direction.


Works great with balls that are 1/3 the size of change up’s…


That would be a fairly simple mechanism, but my issue with having a more than one ball hoarder is that I wouldn’t be able to intake 2 of the opponents balls at once, because there is room for 2 more balls below the pooper, and so if I had 2 balls in the hoarder I would have to intake one opponent ball, poop out one, then intake the other, which would waste time. Also the larger capacity you have, the bigger your robot needs to be, which makes your robot bulky and unwieldy when driving.

I also forgot to mention or show any clips of this, but I can take a ball from the hoarder back into the robot if I want to, but I don’t really see that being very useful for only one ball, the main purpose is to keep one ball from the opponent at all times while still being able to sort balls inside the robot.

to be quite honest, I don’t think we’ll see the capacity of robots get too big, simply due to the fact that there aren’t enough balls on the field for it to be worth carrying any more than 5 in my opinion. The way I see it, if you hold more than 5, your alliance partner will start to have trouble finding balls, and you really want to be putting balls into the goals as soon as you get them, because you’re going to win by having your balls in goals, not in your robot.

since the strategies this year will be similar to turning point, in that there will be rapid back and forth action, we can compare lots of the strategy to turning point, and in turning point there was no use in holding on to balls, you wanted to shoot them as soon as you got them. In a fast paced game like turning point and this year, you’re going to want to make a bunch of shorter actions then fewer longer actions. I think my views will be confirmed once we start seeing actual events, but from looking at the simulation matches, I don’t think anyone can deny that this certainly will be a fast paced game.


This isn’t true according to the Q&A https://www.robotevents.com/VRC/2020-2021/QA/608. As long as the first thing you do after momentary possession of more than 3 balls is eject the excess ones, you’re fine.


perhaps, but I personally don’t want to push the possession rules to their very limits, many refs will see my bot with 4 balls in it, and penalize me for breaking the limit, even if technically its ok. and having to pull up the q&a every time and convince refs of how the rules should be interpreted isn’t my favorite thing to do. I’d prefer to play it safer.


I think we all know who is about to knock worlds down to its knees with one fell poop*!
99999V :slight_smile:


ftfy. :wink:


Hi, we are also doing the pooper snail bot. But we are having troubles with how to use our motors in the right spot. Is there anyway you could help me figure out which gears and sprockets to use and where? Much appreciated!

so you want one motor to power the launcher and the top pooper roller. and another power to power all the rest of the rollers.

to achieve this, the launcher and top pooper rollers should be directly linked, but in reverse of each other. you can use 2 gears to reverse the direction before or after linking it with chain. same thing on the bottom rollers, the bottom pooper roller should be linked directly but reverse to the bottom front rollers.

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