99999v Tipping Point Fall Reveal

Welcome to team 99999v’s Fall Tipping Point robot reveal!

Robot Details

This robot was designed in CAD through an extensive iterative process, starting at the game reveal all through the summer. This year’s game is much more complicated than Change Up was, and we wanted to put in a lot more thought into our robot since there was no telling what a good robot might look like immediately after the unveil.

We settled on this design as something we could rely on working, a simple but effective early season robot. Initially we’d wanted to score on the tall goal, but we decided that was going to be a mid to late season endeavor.

The robot used to have a differential mechanism in order to share 6 motors between the drive and the lift, but the friction from the gears made it better to just go with 4m drive and 2m lift.

The current power distribution is:

4m drive, 200 rpm on 3.25" wheels
2m lift, 100 rpm 1:5
1m intake/conveyor, 600 rpm
1m wrist, 100 rpm 1:5
Pneumatic goal clamp
Pneumatic rear goal hook (not shown in reveal, it was added later)

What I've Learned

We have already competed with this robot, winning tc at clash in the canyon with 1437z (which was an incredible event).

I learned a lot from that event about this game.

First off, goals are not as important as they’ve initially appeared. You can win a match quite easily without any neutral goals, as long as your opponent does not put many goals on their platform.

Rings on alliance goals are going to be a central part of this game. They’re easy, safe points, and even though one ring isn’t worth a lot, they do add up. 8 rings can reliably be put on each alliance goal, that’s a total of 48 points, more than a goal on a platform.

I also think parking is overrated, it wastes time you could be spending putting more goals on the platform or other things. It should only be used as a last resort if you need more points, unless you have a robot which has been built around parking with goals as a main strategy point.

Another thing, the autonomous win point is huge. At clash in the canyon, we were able to secure the autonomous win point in 10 out of our 12 qualification matches. This allowed us to rank as if we had won an additional 5 matches. This was huge in securing the first seed, far more important than winning the 6 point auton bonus or even the goal rush.

And I also think the goal rush is overrated. Scoring rings on an alliance goal, it’s possible to get 24 points pretty easily (3 preloads + 5 fielded rings in a row), which not only is worth more points than a neutral goal in your zone, but is a huge head start in the match. You have an entire alliance goal pretty much full of rings, and driver hasn’t even started yet. This gives you ample time to fill the other alliance goals, and then start putting goals on your platform and stealing neutral goals.

I also thing robot synergy is very important this year. As a ring focused robot, we selected to pick 1437z, the best goal lifting robot, at clash in the canyon, instead of another ring focused robot like 62a or 1469a. The reasoning was because we could easily fill both alliance goals with rings by ourselves, so having a second robot doing rings would be a waste, and would be potentially dangerous because if both robots go for rings, the neutral goals would get neglected.

I think an alliance of complimentary strategies is far more effective than 2 of the same robots.

I also learned that a differential probably isn’t the way to go for power sharing this year. But I do think that pneumatic based motor sharing has a lot of potential, and I’ll likely be investigating into it later.

This has been an amazing season so far, huge thanks to SCA for being such a great place to share ideas, and I wish you all a fantastic season!

Please feel free to ask any questions!


  • Festive screw heads
  • Nice background music
  • Great early season game analysis
What else could you wish for in a reveal?
  • CAD
  • Close up pictures
  • Detailed build instructions
  • Link to GitHub with autonomous code

Very nice robot reveal, @Xenon27 !


Nice bot!!! I watched the Clash in the Canyons event that you absolutely dominated. Keep up the good work!


This is by far the most consistent and overall the best ring intake and ring scoring mechanism I’ve seen all season. Nice work. I’m still baffled by how well it works (not just in the reveal, but in an actual match).


It could be better tbh, it will jam if I try to just plow into a tight cluster of rings. I have to take the rings one by one and then it’s fine. Making the intake handle clumps of rings better is on the list of things to improve.


This is a common problem I’ve noticed with all ring intakes. Many scoring mechanisms I’ve also noticed though will sometimes miss the post, something that rarely happens to your robot.


it’s about 1 in 10 rings will miss. We spent a decent amount of time fine tuning the angle of the goal, the length of the polycarb backing, and the position of the ring stop.

I do think a conveyor based ring scorer like this or what dogo has (pretty similar things, only difference is the angle of the goal) is superior to a hook based system like what 1469a has. But the hooks have some advantages too, they allow scoring rings on the same side of the bot that the rings come in from, and they allow the fielding and scoring of rings from either side of the bot (depending on the robot of course). I think the stick based pivoting arms have merit to them as well.

It will be interesting to see how ring handling systems progress this year, I love the different viable options we have.


I can’t wait to show this first to the rest of my teammates and to out the sister teams. Will love to see where this as inspiration will go.

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Do you have any pictures of your rear mogo hook?

not at the moment, it was just installed today. It’s basically just a small hook on a hinge that comes down into the cup of a goal so I can drag around a goal behind me if I want.


Looks good Xenon, just a heads up there are some spam bots linking a very bad website in the comments.

figured out how to remove them, thanks for the heads up.


Do you plan on adding a mech to grab two center mogos during auton? Also I noticed you don’t have many actuators on your bot (are you planning to add more pneumatic mechanisms?). If the answer is a secret feel free to not respond to this.

Edit: from your description i believe your wheel rpm in 200 so I’m interested in your reasoning for not going a bit faster. I think 333 rpm is pretty good although that may not work well for your bot. I noticed in your comp one of your main issues was maneuvering around other bots to grab mogos in their home zone (which I think a bit higher rpm can help with). This is just my outside perspective though so I think you should still go with whatever your gut says. I just wanted to hear your reasoning.

no, not really.

we’d made a goal rush auton route, but didn’t use it a single time in competition. That was because the AWP as well as the head start advantage we got from putting 8 rings on an alliance goal far outweighed the benefits of winning the neutral goal rush.

we use 2 cylinders on the goal latch, not for strength but because we needed clearance above the goal for the rings, we had to mount them on the side of the goal, requiring 2 for a balance of force.

Not shown in the reveal, we also have a single cylinder hook on the rear of the robot that drags around a second goal.

with these 2 mechanism, we barely have enough air to last 2 minutes of frequent actuations, so we have no plans to add additional ones.


I meant for the tournament section but your reasoning for the early ring start still makes sense in that scenario. I think flip out mech to grab the center mogos could still be useful depending on your partner though. If your partner is a mogo dedicated bot then getting mogos to them early on could basically garentee a win. If they can maintain 3 neutral mogos then it makes it impossible for the enemy to score/elevate more than two mogos. And since your teammate would be focusing neutral mogos you can spend the rest of the match scoring rings on alliance mogos (which I think would give you enough time to max their rings). If you add that mechanism you don’t necessarily have to use it, I just think I would be good for multiple scenarios. (Sorry for my grammar. I’m trash at English)

the best partner for a ring bot is a goal bot. But if they’re a good goal bot, I think participating in the goal rush can be left to them. As a ring bot, focusing on just the alliance goals while my partner (at clash in the canyon it was 1437z), deals with the neutral goals provides what I think to be an optimal division of tasks. If I can get both alliance goals with 8 rings onto the platform, that’s a total of 128 points. with that, I really only need one more neutral goal on the platform to have a good chance of winning. (that is, if the opponents aren’t also doing rings. if they are, it’s a different story)


Yea I agree with that. My hypothetical mostly revolves around if they don’t have the mech to grab the two center mogos or if they don’t have an auton (or if it is not consistent ig).

not needed imo, especially if all you need is one neutral goal. They can just pick one and rush it normally.

if this is the case, then you’re going to lose high level elim matches either way. Both robots need to be good to win, carrying in this game is definitely doable in many matches, but not in higher level matches.


This looks like a really nice, competitive early season robot, and good job at TC! What changes do you expect to make during the mid/late season, if you’ve got some in mind and feel comfortable sharing them?

I plan on iteration this robot at least once more, potentially twice.

I think this sort of design could be taken in many directions (as could any design this year, there’s so many options), but I’m considering for the second iteration to have a way to score rings on short neutral goals as well as alliance goals. I can already fill both alliance goals with rings in the first 30 seconds of the match (including auton), so being able to do more rings could be advantageous, especially in the last 30 seconds when there is often no other way to score additional points.