A Curious Use of 600 rpm V5 Motors

I might be completely wrong but if my coder were to decrease the speed of the high speed (600 rpm) V5 motors to a more reasonable speed, could the gear ratio of the high speed prove more efficient in stopping the robot completely (compare to the 200 rpm inputs) in its track for auton or other high precision tasks.

I believe I heard this somewhere in which a team utilized this function to create the allusive 8 point auton with a tray-bot. Can someone give me a more technical standpoint on this.

The output speed of 600rpm is very high for direct driving the robot.

If you have external gear ratio reducing motor output to wheel speed 3:1 then wheels will get 200rpm, which is the same if you had used 200rpm green cartridges to direct drive the robot.

When programming autonomous it is always better to drive at reduced speed for higher accuracy.

Many use algorithms where you first gradually increase velocity, then drive most of the way at 40-60% of top speed, and then gradually reduce speed at the end of your route.

If you are ready to learn more advanced programming you may study “motion profiling”.

These topics have useful examples and links to OkapiLib and other programming resources:


No, using 600 rpm cartridges would actually reduce your ability to stop, since there is less torque and more speed, meaning the power and thus ability of a motor to move something (or stop it from moving) decreases


Agreed. In addition the lower motor encoder rpm would yield less precision as well.