Add on to V5 controller

me2 plzs

20 characccterrrs

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can I get, please and thanks

It would be greatly appreciated if you could send me the story files :slight_smile:

I also request for the same files. Sorry for the overload of requests.

Can I please also get them? Thank you.

May I also have the file?

It’s honestly just easier to post the file in a new thread at this point. I’d consider that, unless there’s something private about that specific file that warrants your selectivity on who can receive it.


Could I also have the file?


Yeah, I am not the creator of the CAD somebody shared it with me. I mean the parts are available to the public if you go to the contest page on robot events.

can I get, please and thanks

edit by forum mods: this was flagged as spam but may be a legitimate post @harebert can you be a bit more specific with your question ?

Here is a link to the online challenge entry where the V5 scuff controller first appeared. From that page you can download a .f3d file which can be converted to .stl for 3D printing in Autodesk Fusion 360 (free for students) or possibly by other means.

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Would be great if you could send me the CAD file.

me two please

thanks ff

Could I have the files too? Thanks

Here it is you will need to request access from the owner and then convert the file to .stl or whatever format you need.

It can also be found at the bottom of the page at This link -credits to @holbrook for providing the link to the entry


Since so many people have been asking in this thread recently, here’s a .zip containing all the parts in STL format: (2.7 MB)

To be clear, I have no association with this project other than that I linked to it earlier in this thread. I didn’t realize the file linked on the online challenge site required a permission request to download, and I figured I’d save people the trouble of doing that plus installing F360 if they haven’t already.

The originator of this model is @Jasper_MCC, as indicated in his original post.


what pieces of metal connect the 3d printed parts?


The below image (from the online challenge entry) shows the complete assembly without the controller. You can see that the links are held together with screws and nylock nuts (I’d guess #8), and that there’s a metal rod (origin and dimensions currently unknown to me) that holds the clamshell piece together.



If anyone has the files can you PM me please?

Not to be rude, but please check before posting, especially on a topic 1 month old, especially since the file has already been posted a few posts above

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