MCC Robotics CAD Challenge

Hello Everyone!

Here is Manchester Community College’s Autodesk CAD Challenge entry, a set of scuff paddles for the V5 remote.

If you like this and want one for your team, all the files are up on the entry page. If you really like this, please consider voting for our entry!


would this be legal for competition use?

From last year’s QnA, its legal as long as you don’t physically modify the controller in any way (basically only using the pre-made holes)

@Shard and @Wiredcat Robotics
Yes, this has been ruled legal this year as well, asked by myself.

@Jasper | MCC Sweet! ill see about 3D printing this to use on my robot

Have you actually tested a physical model of this? If so, does it work well? It looks really cool.


Yes I have, there is a short video up on the entry page (link in the OP). It works quite well, much better than the one I made for the old controller last year. Having twice as many buttons available (8 instead of 4) is a real game changer, especially for teams that only have one driver for whatever reason.

Voting is now open! If you like this idea, please consider heading over to and voting for it.