Answered: Auton Rules

Is it possible to knock over an opponents mobile goal in auton, and not get a DQ?

In the future, please read and review the Q&A Usage Guidelines before posting, specifically point 3, “Quote the applicable rule from the latest version of the manual in your question.” Many times, the answer you are looking for will be directly answered by an existing rule, and if not, this additional information will help us to better understand and answer your question.

If you are referring to knocking over a Mobile Goal without any Cones on it, then there are no rules against this, in either the Autonomous or Driver Controlled Periods. Please see the following two Q&A’s for more clarification on this point:

On the other hand, if you are referring to a Mobile Goal with Stacked Cones on it, then this would be a violation of <SG5>.

Now, with that in mind, rule violations are handled a bit differently in the Autonomous Period than they are in the Driver Controlled Period. This is explained by <G10>:

Hopefully this information helps to answer your question; if not, please feel free to rephrase and re-submit.