Answered: Blocking Opponents from Entering Zones

If a team were to use their robot block their opponents from returning to their scoring zones by parking/driving in front of or in the opposing 5 point zone would they be responsible if they were pushed into the 10 point zone by their opponents?

SG10 says robots may not contact opposing 10 and 20 pt zones

and G13 says robots may not cause their opponents to violate rules.

This is similar to being pushed into the climbing zone in NbN, in which case you said it does not matter how the robot ended up in the climbing zone, but I want to make sure it’s the same for this year.
So if it is the same, being pushed into the 10 point zone would result in a violation of SG10 and could result in a DQ if the situation was match affecting so long as the opposing team is trying to score and not merely trying to draw a foul, and therefore robots must be careful when going near the opposing zones. Is this correct?

For the most part, yes.

This is a good explanation. Provided that team is trying to get to their Zones for a purpose other than drawing a penalty, this would be an <SG10> violation. Robots should be very careful when near the opposing Zones.