Answered: SG10/G13 interpretation

I apologize for reposting this question, however, at an event this weekend I was told by the head referee that all of the following post had “incorrect links” and that there is a newer ruling (that could not be provided/I cannot find).

Basically team A has mobile goal with cones stacked and is attempting get to their zone to score them and is being blocked by a robot on the opposing alliance. While attempting to get around them, the blocking robot is pushed into the team A’s 10 point zone where it malfunctions and cannot exit.

All of the following posts were disregarded as invalid because they referenced an old Karthik link

All of these reference the following Karthik post
I was told that all of these links were in error and that there was “private” REC partner communication that this interpretation was no longer accurate. The defensive/blocking team no longer has any liability if they are pushed into the 10 point zone by a team trying to score. Team A should spend extra time to drive around the blocking team to avoid this.
Can you please clarify?
• Are the above links in to Karthik’s post either in error or no longer valid?
• Does a team trying to score have to avoid pushing a blocking robot if it might cause them to enter the 10 point zone?

Thank you-

Fyi…I’ve been to 4 events this season and each one has had a different interpretation of the SG10 ruling.

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This is a very context-sensitive question. The posts that you linked are a good start. The Q&A Summary document also includes some additional posts that cover this issue, especially the following one: