Answered: Definition of the 10 Point Zone

This Q and A entry was ghost written by Anomaly.
“10 Point Zone – One of two (2) areas of foam field tiles, one (1) for each alliance, in which Robots can Score Mobile Goals. The 10 Point Zone is defined by the inner edges of the playing field walls, the Starting Bar, and the large ~2.375” (60.325 mm) pipe that separates the 10 Point Zone and the 20 Point Zone”
At a competition I was recently at, there was a dispute with the judges over the exact definition of the 10 point zone. The judge in question believed that the phrase “inner edges” applied to the Starting Bar, while I believed the entire starting bar, not just the inner edges, are considered the 10 point zone. Which interpretation is correct? Does the 10 point zone include just the inner edge of the bar or the entire bar?
Closely related question: If red is playing heavy defense and blocking blue from entering their 10 point zone, and in an attempt to enter their zone blue pushes red into their 10 point zone or into the starting bar, does this result in an infraction on red or blue?
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The full definition of 10 Point Zone is quoted below for reference, with Note 1 bolded for emphasis:

So, the 10 Point Zone doesn’t begin until the foam tile “past” the Starting Bar. That section of foam field tiles is defined as the section that is bounded by, but not including, the Starting Bar.

This interaction is quite situational and context-dependent, taking into account rules <G13> and <SG10>. In general, a robot playing defense around an opponent’s scoring zones should exercise extreme caution. Please see the following similar Q&A posts for more information:

If, in your scenario, Blue was acting offensively (i.e. moving to score a Mobile Goal or stack Cones), then the Red robot would be considered in violation of <SG10>. If Blue was solely pushing the Red robot in the interest of drawing a penalty (i.e. not even holding a Mobile Goal or Cones), then <G13> would apply.

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