Answered: Use of Pressurized Air in a Match

Hello, I had a question regarding the use of a can of pressurized air during a match in driver control in progress for the purpose of cooling down motors. I put the links to two answered Q and As regarding the use of pressurized air at a competition at the bottom, however, they do not specify the use of the spray during an actual match.

Rule <R7> e. only describes the use of grease or lubricating compound however pressurized air is not a grease nor a lubricating compound so as far as I understand it this rule does not apply. This strategy would only be used with both the member of the drive team and the air duster being completely outside of the field perimeter, thus rule <G5>

would not be broken because the robot is not being physically touched or handled. The only other rule that I could see going against this is rule <G8>

, however, I do not think there are any current sensors that can be used legally that can be practically triggered through the use of pressurized air. To the further understanding of this situation, I will explain an example of how this could be used if it was ruled legal. “Robot A is stacking match loads at their loader suddenly the two high speed motors on the subsystem responsible for stacking begin to stall due to the increased resistance provided by the PTC, A member of Robot A’s drive team uses a can of pressurized air towards the direction of the affected motors without spraying any field elements or other robots competing while himself and the can are completely outside of the field perimeter.”
Would this be legal?

Thank You in advance for this clarification

No, this would not be legal during a match.