Answered: [VEX U] Old college Q&A updates..!

All of these questions have been answered in this previous Q&A, this post is simply to ensure that they are still valid.

We had it out on this rule and the final judgement was:

A. I want to make sure this is still the ruling.

There were also some concerns regarding what qualifies as a sensor. I remember asking here if a project box full of electronics could qualify as a sensor (the box and all) and the determination was something along the lines of…

“Only if the box is in no way a structural component of the robot.”

Which was cool. The reason I ask is I plan on running many USB devices this year all of which have some sort of housing, and I also intend to create some custom enclosures for my co-processor(s).

B. Assuming an enclosure is used solely to house (IE protect) a sensor or co-processor AND to mount ONLY that sensor or co-processor to a legal structural part of the robot, would it be allowed (and obviously not count as part of the additional material, because that is already allowed)?

C. Like take the example of a USB camera that comes with a plastic housing, is this part still legal or must the housing be removed?

D. Now take a custom made sensor or co-processor that does not come with a enclosure, but should probably have one to protect it. Take the Raspberry Pi for example. Would creating an enclosure to both protect the sensor AND mount JUST THE SENSOR to the robot be legal?

(this is basically the same as the sensor coming with an enclosure and should probably have the same ruling either way, I just want it in writing).

Thanks Karthik!

Please note that the following response is only applicable for VEX U.

Yes, that ruling applies for the VEX Toss Up season.

Yes, this ruling still applies as well.

Yes, this would be legal.

The plastic housing would be legal, with the prior stated caveats. We don’t want teams using additional sensors with the sole purpose of using housings as a way of obtaining extra materials for structural components.

Yes this would be legal, as the housing would be considered an integral component to the sensor.

Excellent, as always thanks for the quick, mindful and complete answers Karthik! Hope your day is going well. :slight_smile:

P.S. Your TED talk rocked!

You’re welcome!

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