Any Live Remote Scrimmages?

Just checking… anyone in Asia Pacific regions hosting scrimmages for Live Remote?

Teams from 8059 will be interested to join in the fun :slight_smile:

There will be an annual competition at Taipei American School next week. I don’t know if registrations are still open though.

Is it using the live remote format? :grinning:

oh sorry… it’s physical competition. but i bet there will be some vids

Hi meng

Just to clarify, are you looking for official tournaments or unofficial scrimmages?

If the latter is the case, VRQ is holding unofficial scrimmages over Live Remote every 2-3 weeks. This is not within the Asia Pacific region, however timings can be adapted around those participating. More information can be found on our Discord server: :smiley:


Thanks so much.

I will get my students to take a look.

Btw… VRQ is an… alliance?


lol… I put a “like” in the original post about VRQ and I forgot about it. Signs of old age… lol.

but really cool to have this VRQ !
Will be very useful :slight_smile:


VRQ isn’t an alliance but there are lots of aspects of collaboration - it’s more of a community for teams competing in Live Remote and for them to practice together.

The aim is for teams to take advantage of Live Remote through scrimmages and queues that we host unofficially, ultimately prepared for when more official virtual competitions start running. In particular, we feel that our scrimmages and queues would be of greater use nearing the World Championships for those who are attending through Live Remote.

Glad that you liked the idea, and it would be great to see some 8059 teams participate! :blush:


VRQ scrims are quite good at helping teams develop strategies for the Live Remote format, would recommend joining


And looks like SingNat will be in Live Remote format. That’s the reason why my teams are looking for live remote scrimmage to get some practice and experience in this format.

Think my senior teams should be going into VRQ to arrange for some practices.