Anyone try Moly Lube over Lithium Grease?

Anyone try Liqui Moly (Molybdenum Disulfide) grease before with Vex parts?

We generally use White Lithium grease as it is cheap and readily available.

I am wondering if the properties of liquid moly grease to stay nice over time in dusty conditions. They are purported as good but is it much better than white lithium greases?

Vex is low RPM, even keel temperatures of not very much extreme conditions. So is it overkill?

Both are non-aerosol.

I don’t really see any applications over normal white lithium grease, all the advantages it has over it are not really things you have to deal with in vex anyways, idk but i feel like its not really worth it.

One drawback of Moly grease is that it really stains the fingers if you don’t wear nitrile gloves when re-packing bearings (don’t ask how I know this), whereas white lithium grease is just generally messy, but washes off with detergent.

Thanks! Good to know ahead of time!