Reserved for discussion of motor sharing through “differentials”

Differential transmission - Mobile Goal to Drivetrain (DMD)
Differential transmission - power takeoff from the drivetrain motors
Planetary CVT (Continuously Variable Transmission) Help!

9551A Transmission Update

Vex Transmission Recap/Explanation/Tips

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Reserved for additional advanced building technique 1

Reserved for additional advanced building technique 2

Reserved for additional advanced building technique 3

Reserved for discussion of Pneumatic components 1

Reserved for discussion of lubrication of mechanical components

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Reserved for discussion of mechanical maintenance of V5 smart motors

DO NOT use industrial lubricants like WD-40 or white lithium grease on internal plastic gears inside V5 motors or cartridges.

You may use light synthetic oil or synthetic grease like SW-92SA that is used for fine/plastic mechanical internals of cameras, printers, keyboards, dvd players, etc…


Broken Motor Inserts

V5 motor Cap and Threaded Insert replacement parts are sold separately

May need to be moved into V5 Motor electric/programming entry:

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Reserved for V5 components overview


Specific 3-wire port numbers for dual wire sensors:

Possible problem due to order of initialization of 3-wire port accessor instances:

Memory Permission Error

Temporary workaround for 8 legacy 3-wire port limit:
Connect multiple sensors to a single port to overcome the limit of 8 legacy ports

Legacy, non competition legal components:
Using Flashlight in VCS

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Reserved for Bumper and Limit Switch wiki entry

Reserved for VEX Potentiometer wiki entry

Reserved for Quad Encoder wiki entry

Reserved for IMU / Gyroscope wiki entry

V5 Inertial Sensor


Reserved for Line Follower / IR Sensor wiki entry

Light sensor
Line Trackers in C++?
Vex Line Follower Robot not detecting dark line on light surface

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Reserved for Light Sensor wiki entry

Reserved for Ultrasonic / sonar / rangefinder sensor wiki entry

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Reserved for V5 Vision sensor wiki entry

Some debugging tricks:

Meaning of Vision Sensor parameters?
Vision Sensor config - objectCount inconsistent
V5 Vision Sensor "The Camera detected must be unlocked"
Vision Sensor Wifi
Vision Sensor Having Issues Seeing Objects
V5 Vision Sensor Color Code Coordinate Tracking

Vision Sensor Math:

Object Tracking:


Reserved for V5 Inertial Sensor wiki entry

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Reserved for V5 Optical Sensor

Vex Knowlege base article

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Reserved for V5 Distance Sensor
Vex Knowlege base article

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Reserved for V5 3-Wire Expander

(I’m not so sure this needs it own entry but I will put it for now - Floub)

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