Are divisional assignments for LRT worlds posted yet?

Some people say the divisional assignments are our but i cant locate them.

Seeing as the registration deadline is not yet passed, I cannot imagine they would have posted divisions yet.


Any insight on when they might be posted for both LRT and LRS? LRT for researching how teams might interact and LRS to know what the competition is in each bracket. Several teams are on the border if being divided by World Skills standings.

I do not know anything about the timeframe on assigning divisions, other than the common sense referenced in my first post on this topic.

Hopefully they aren’t splitting teams in LRS based on skills standings. Teams that are good may end up becoming the worst in their division or if the team is mediocre but end up becoming the best in their division based on where the REC draws the line separating divisions. If they make divisions like that, teams who are higher up may still bested by even better teams, and they end up not winning. On the other hand, making random divisions ensures a even playing field where all teams’ talents can be represented.

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where did you find that?

There was some information posted on REC foundation regarding dividing LRS team divisions based “similar skill level.” They did not say exactly how that will be done but I would imagine a good portion will be based on World Skills Standings.


I think this still gives motivation across the board. My team is actually preferring to be at the bottom of the top division rather than top of lower division. There thought is if they win something, it proves they are better than those of equal experience. Lets face it, not all teams have the same resources and experience so this levels the playing field :wink:


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Not really implying anything other than I think with the extra awards being given, it is better to spread it out in divisions that are not random but rather more level playing field. This is done all the time for different sports associations and certainly encourages improvement for all levels of teams participating.

I would be interested in that magic formula for determining divisions though.

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@Hao_16688C ,
This is a great question! As other folks have pointed out, registration is not yet closed for the event. We intend to publish division lists for LRT by May 13th (about 2 weeks from now). Division assignments will be random for teams registered for AM and then for teams registered for PM. Hopefully, this helps clarify. Have a great day, and good luck at VEX Worlds!



Given that there wasn’t more than about 50 per morning or afternoon LRT that registered, are there even going to be divisions now? It looks like they also bumped back registration closing dates a week now to find any last-minute stragglers who will come.

I’m going to post this as a trailer to this thread. RECF has said you MUST have 2 LRT events under your belt to be allowed to play at worlds. With the help from Widener Robots, we spun up two LRT events to cover DE,MD,PA and NJ teams.

There is a last chance event on Thursday 6 May to beat the 8 May cutoff. If you NEED this event to meet requirements, please sign up. If you are looking for a practice event then let us know, the intent is to bring robots that MUST have it first.


there are 91 teams in afternoon division for Vex IQ middle School so maybe 3 divisions?

True, I was looking at elementary

Is this the same date for the LRS divisions?

Yes, May 13th should be the date for both LRS and LRT division lists to be released. Good luck at Live Remote VEX Worlds!



Checks calendar… it is May 13th!


Yes, but where did it release?