Are you allowed to use the wedge pieces from Next Level

we have heaps of wedges from last years game and one of our teams is using them for intake but is it legal, R7, Sec C, says

Only the VEX IQ components specifically designed for use in Robot construction are allowed.
Using additional components outside their typical purpose is against the intent of the rule
(i.e. please don’t try using VEX IQ apparel, team or event support materials, packaging, Field
Elements, or other non-robot products on a VEX IQ Challenge Robot).
R7, Sec C, Squared Away Game Manual

so I am guessing it is meaning don’t use Hubs or Rings but what about the Wedges from the scoring zone, last year?

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Joseph Greening

If my assumptions are correct you are talking about these:

I am going to say yes for two reasons:

  1. They have holes for mounting into the VEX Eco System.
  2. If I am not mistaken this Tombstone kit has them on the blade, and I know has them also (I might have other kits at home utilizing them too, just packed away currently.)

If you want an official answer the VEX Q&A is your place to ask, but also @Art_Dutra_IV Sleeps and breaths this stuff and might be able to shine a little bit more light on this if I am incorrect.

thanks, @vexvoltage (20 chars)

You should be allowed to as they have holes and therefore can be attached to other parts. You’re able to use these types of field pieces I think: there was some talk from one of my coaches about the usage of the point value plates, which are a size not used in other pieces.

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They were on the “legal parts list” last year, and there is no good reason they would be removed once on the list. The current seasons “legal parts list” has not yet been released, but here’s a copy of last seasons for reference:


Official answers to competition-related topics must go through the VIQC GDC and official Q&A,

From a completely unofficial (for competition) VEX IQ product design point of view, any VEX IQ elements that get assigned a 228-2500-xxx base part number are parts that the product development team expects to be a natural part of the universal VEX IQ building element ecosystem.

This same VEX IQ building element ecosystem is used for both VEX IQ educational products and HEXBUG VEX Robotics retail products. While the design of some particular parts might cater to one product line more than the other, there have been many occasions where a part was designed for a specific use in one product line, but quickly expanded to the other.

Nearly all of the hundreds of new VEX IQ elements created over the past few years have first emerged in HEXBUG VEX Robotics kits., so I’d definitely recommend checking them out if you want to see interesting new parts. :wink:

We consider adding new VEX IQ element add-on packs in large part from whether we see enough sales, usage, and demand for specific VEX IQ elements currently only found in HEXBUG VEX Robotics kits from competition teams or in the classroom.


Thank you @Art_Dutra_IV perfect answer as usual.


thanks for that clarification @Art_Dutra_IV

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