Arm for intake

I am really confused on how to build an arm for our intake. Can someone please post some pics/videos of simple arm designs that push and pull the intake system in order to put down and carry cubes?

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Are you talking about to use something like a claw? If so you could buy a clawbot kit and their should be instructions there.

No. We are building an intake for tower takeover. We need a way to put down and store the cubes(which is what the arm is used for).

Are you talking about something like a snapper that can pick up the cubes and store them?

do you have a tray, a DR4B, any pics of what you have already. Some more specific info would really aid us in your assistance.


No . A passive intake that uses treads to take in cubes.

I don’t have my robot with me now

We need some good designs for our arm

By arm, are you just talking about anything that can pick up cubes and store them

The arm is what pushes the intake back and forth to put down the cubes.

oh, like a four bar or a 6 bar

Like the intake in this -

I need help with what pushes it back and forth

Ok so what this robot does is use a different gearing cartridge in the motor that’s higher torque. Other than that the design is pretty straightforward

Honestly, there is a documentary of “goofy” which helps a lot and shows how they built it

Oh. This makes much more sense. go to 0:49 on the first video and you will see a fairly clear image of the tilter.
Edit: turns out 0:49 on both vids works.

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Our robot wont do exactly that. We will only have the intake go back and forth. Not up and down to reach the towers.

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Go back and forth for what purpose?

Are you talking about the tilter that moves the cubes from a diagonal position to a stacking position?

Yes exaxtly!!! That is it

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