Australian Teams not coming to worlds due to Corona

Hello all. Obviously there has been a lot of discussion about worlds and the coronavirus, as well as the public safety issues associated with it.
Today, the Victorian Government (where our team is from) placed a ban on international travel for schools, specifically to competitions and events. The Western Australian government placed a similar ban a few days ago, and its expected that other states will follow.
Numerous countries, Japan, Korea, China, Australia, Italy and many more will probably be unable to attend worlds this year due to the virus. This coupled with the public health and safety concerns poses a common question. What’s happening with worlds?

Is world still running as planned?
What happens to affected teams?
What other countries will be impacted by this in the future?
Will worlds be postponed?
Will worlds be cancelled?

What are your thoughts on worlds given the concerns and restrictions?


There are many threads about this, please search before you create a thread.

Just to mention a few.
@DRow, lock and merge?

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Might be a good idea to lock and merge, was aware their were other conversations just wanted to add more countries to the list.

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