Automatic Autonomous Program?

Do you guys think that it is possible to create a program that creates autonomous code based on driver commands.
Ex. You drive to pick up a cube and drop it in a tower. Then the program outputs some code somewhere which can be pasted into another program.

I haven’t really thought this out, but if this can work, it might be really helpful.

In the literal sense that’s called ‘not programming at all’ or ‘black magic’
Technically speaking though you could use functions to pretty much do that, but you have to design the functions themselves, it isn’t automatic.

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It has been done, see:

8995E (my team)'s video

Taran’s Video with explanation

Also this very recent thread

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You can probably search up “Auton Recorder” on the forums and find what you are looking for. I would advise against this though as they tend to have unreliable results.

A better method is to make a list of functions to do different tasks and call those in the order you want. (Have a move X inches function, a grab cube function, a place in tower function, etc)

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Oh yeah totally been done. Both by others posted above and

But I completely agree with @PortalStorm4000 . It is not the most reliable method of coding autonomous. If you were going to invest the effort to create a system like that, you would do better to make a form of position tracking or PID control. If you wanted to use someone else’s system, ok. Many coders use functions like @PortalStorm4000 said to call a sequence of commands that take a lot of code to call on their own. I have a function to move the arms and intake treads so that the intakes will passively flip out in autonomous for example. If you want to read more about functions try here .


I like, just did that. There is a thread very near to the top about it. It’s very easy.